Friday, March 28, 2008

A Journey to Ireland

Pine Mountain

Hello again from Pine Mountain. It has been a warm week. Now that the snows of winter are behind us. It is time to do the spring chores. There are old limbs to gather and hedges to trim. And lawns that are starting to grow. There are fences to mend and spouting’s that need cleaned from the winter storms. The apple trees need their spring pruning. It is time to paint the barn again. Out in the hay fields a new crop of hay for the animals has already started to grow.

Our wind and water turbines continue to work and produce more power than we need so we sell the excess to the grid through a special two way meter. For those of you just joining us we have a horizontal wind turbine on an 80- foot tower from and a vertical turbine from .In the dam of our pond we have a pelton water turbine from http://

Last Wednesday I delivered some more bookcases to the furniture shop in town. I stopped for lunch at The Firehouse CafĂ©. It is a friendly 2 story place that serves a great fish and chips. Upstairs is Madd Bailey’s Pub. It is an authentic English style Pub complete with a pool table and large screen TV to watch the sports shows. Local Bands play on Friday and Saturday nights. If you are into golfing Madd Bailey’s looks out over the local golf course.

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And now our feature story

A Journey to Ireland

A couple years ago I traveled to Ireland to visit the house that my great grandparents lived in. It was a large house in county Cork Ireland. Each room had a fireplace all it’s own. Each fireplace had a flue in one of the four main chimneys for a total of 16 fireplaces. Next to the house flowed the river and next to the river were the ruins of the old mill where great grandfather employed a hundred men in the late 1800’s.

The house, built in the 1830’s, is still in remarkably good condition. Each room is a different color. It is like you went back in time.

There is the dark blue room

And the red room,

and the yellow room

And the light blue room,

and the library

Outside there is a long circular gravel driveway with 2 entrances to the main road. Farther down there is a barn and beyond that are fields.

After we visited the house we went back to the condo by the Irish Sea where we stayed.

We also visited several castles including the castle with the blarney stone. My little niece kissed the blarney stone so she will have the gift of speech and be able to talk her way out of anything.
Too soon our vacation was over and we boarded our plane at the Shannon airport and headed home.

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Pine Mountain Evening

Well it is evening again on Pine Mountain. I am relaxing in my recliner by my gas fireplace. Squeakers my African Grey parrot is sitting on his perch and chomping on peanuts. My coffee of the day is Guatemalan Antigua. It is a smooth balanced coffee with a medium body and a smokey aroma. I t is available from . Squeakers and I have just finished watching a travel movie about life on the Serengeti Plain in Africa. I put Squeakers in his cage and turn down the gas fireplace. I am ready to head off to bed. See you all next week.