Friday, May 30, 2008

Journey to Saint Petersburg

Pine Mountain

Hello again from Pine Mountain. The weather is finally about normal for this time of year. The temperature is in the high 40’s F at night and mid 70’s F in the daytime. Here at the ranch we have our own power. It is furnished by our 2 wind turbines and our water turbine. We also have a few solar panels that charge up a battery bank. Our horizontal turbine looks like a small wingless airplane on top of it’s 80 foot tower. We purchased that one from Our vertical turbine we purchased from, and our water turbine in the dam of our pond came from an Alaskan alternative energy company There have been calm days and windy days this week. Even on a calm day we have been able to produce more energy with our wind turbines than we use.

I spent the day working on the barn. The spouting needed some work. The ice from the winter had made it sag and leak in places. I fixed it so that it would drain properly and not make the basement of the barn soggy. Also water is a scarce commodity around here. Our barn and house spouting drain into a big tank called a cistern. I use this water to water the plants in my greenhouse. It is nice to have the greenhouse. No matter what the weather is outside it is still nice inside. I have the greenhouse arraigned in stages. Each stage is about a month behind the stage next to it. That way I always have fresh vegetables.

This week Roxana has been traveling again. This summer she is traveling in Russia visiting friends and relatives. This week she took a boat ride from Moscow to Saint Petersburg. First we have out usual sections on Alternative Energy, Nutrition, Niche Marketing, Traveling and Adventure.

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Nutrition and Health

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And now Roxana’s story.

A Journey to Saint Petersburg

The warm days of summer are here at last. Suddenly we decided to take a trip to Saint Petersburg. The city of over 5 million people is the Russian jewel of the north. Built by Peter the Great 305 years ago it is the Venice of the north. It has 365 bridges over an extensive array of rivers and waterways. Peter the Great spared no expense in building this city patterned after Renaissance cities of Europe. Each Czar that came after Peter built their own palace in the city that was the Russian Capital for many years. It was only after the Russian revolution when the Communists took over that the capital was moved to Moscow. Saint Petersburg fondly called Peter by the locals has over 200 museums and many parks. The weather can change in an instant. It can go from warm and sunny +25 C to cold and rainy. In winter it can go to -20 C and even as low as -35 C with heavy snow.

Our journey began in Moscow. Moscow the capital of Russia is a city of over 9 million and is a bright and colorful city. It is much different from the old cold and gray city of the cold war era. The red brick walls of the Kremlin open onto red square. Red square used to be reserved only for military parades now it is like an open air market, Buses are crowded but the underground railroad or subway will take you rapidly to your destination.

Leaving Moscow we travel by ship on the Volga river and the linking canals. We stop at the small town of Staritsa. In the small towns time stands still. Country life is very different from life in the city. Everyone works hard during the summer to prepare for the hard winter ahead. In the town tours of the small wooden houses show life on a simpler level. It is expected to give the
homeowner a small donation for the privilege of the tour.

Traveling on the picturesque landscape is a show in itself. On board ship we had many great meals including a Russian Tea ceremony performed with Vodka. Tea is made in a samovar and served with cakes and biscuits. If vodka is too strong for you, cold beer is available too. The crew does not drink so the ship can navigate the river and canal properly without crashing into things. We pass the ruins of the Christbirth church near Cherepovets, which was flooded in 1960 to make room for the Volga Baltic waterway. We stopped in Karelia and watched native Karelian dancers performing dances that originated in Finland. Twenty two percent of Karelia is covered by rivers and lakes.

Traveling on we pass the wooden church with 22 domes on Kizhi island on lake Onega. The domes are made with aspen shingles and were assembled without nails.

Now we are at the outskirts of Saint Petersburg. We see the Oreshek fortress. It withstood a 900 day siege by the Germans during world war II. Saint Petersburg shows its best side from the water. World famous for it’s white nights in June, Saint Petersburg has 200 museums. One of the most famous is the Hermitage.

It was here that the Bolshevics broke in and took over the government in 1917. Neva Prospekt is one of the busiest streets in Saint Petersburg. The 4 kilometers have many shops and stores selling international wares. In restaurants a favorite dish is borsch. It is made from cabbage and beets and secret spices. It is served with a dollop of sour cream. Each cook has their own secret recipe. In winter people drink tea and vodka with tea biscuits to pass away the long dark hours. 5 cups of tea is a compliment to the host. Saint Petersburg even has a vodka museum. Average consumption is 12 liters per person per year in Russia.

Pine Mountain Evening

I am sitting in my easy chair by the fireplace.This weeks coffee is Organic Rain forest. This jungle brew medium blend is rich and full bodied. It is an interesting taste. Squeekers my African grey parrot is on his perch munching peanuts. I have just finished my coffee. I put squeekers in his cage and turn off the fireplace. I am ready to go to bed. Good night all. See you next week.