Friday, December 19, 2008

Journey to Estonia

Welcome to Pine Mountain Ranch. This week winter has arrived. A big winter storm arived on Tuesday and has been with us the rest of the week. I took the old John Deere snowmobile out for the first time this season. I went out and checked the fence line on the back pasture. Everything was good so I drove back to the ranch. Heavy snow makes the normal ranch chores just a little bit harder. Squeekers my parrot and I worked out in the attached green house this week. It is nice to be able to work in a shirtsleeve environment while the snow swirls around just outside the window. It is also great to have fresh produce all year long. Squeekers does not quite know what to think about the snow except he knows that he does not like it and stays mostly in the middle of the greenhouse on winter days.

Well enough about the ranch, here is our topic lineup for this week

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Section 2 Travel Discounts

Section 3 Treasure Hunting

Section 4 Journey to Estonia

Section 5 Pine Mountain Evening

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And now our feature story

A Journey to Estonia

Leaving the island of Jersey we made our way north to the Scandinavian countries. First we visited Denmark then Sweden and finally we crossed the Baltic Sea to the little country of Estonia.

Estonia is a little Scandinavian country that is south of the Gulf of Finland. Sweden is to the west across the Baltic Sea. South of Estonia is Latvia another small Scandinavian country. East of Estonia is Russia.


People have lived in Estonia since the last ice age about 8500 BC. The Estonians are closely related to the Finns in Finland their neighbor to the north. Since 1227 AD one country or another has taken over the country. First it was the Danes and Germans and then in the 1500s Sweden became the ruler. This lasted until 1721 when the Swedes gave the country to Russia. The Estonians broke away from Russia in 1918 and became a democracy. This lasted until 1940 when the Russians annexed the country. The Germans then invaded the country then the Russians again in 1944. Estonia then became part of the Soviet Union until 1991 when the Soviet Union disbanded. The Estonians then reclaimed their independence. Since 1991 the country has embarked on rapid economic growth and has become a leader in communications and internet technology. This is the home of Skype the free internet phone service.

Our Travels

St Nicholas, St Olav, Church of Holy Ghost Tallinn

We landed at the international airport in the capital city of Tallinn. After touring the capital city and watching container ships unloading in the harbor we headed south into the country. Estonia is a country of lakes there are more than 1400 of them. The people are friendly and industrious. We met a farmer that showed us how rich the soil was. The average yearly temperature is 5.2 C. The warmest month is July when the temperature is 16.4 C. The coldest month is February when the temp is – 5.7 C. There are large areas of forest where Lynx, wild boars, bears and wolves live. The wetlands support many different bird species. It rains in Estonia about 160 to 190 days each year. There are about 1.4 million residents of Estonia in There are 33 cities with the largest being the capital city of Tallinn with 403,500 people.

Fertile ground

River Keila Estonia

Jagala Joa Waterfall

We enjoyed our stay in Estonia and were sad when it came time to leave. It was raining as our flight left Tallinn International. We watched as the green countryside fell away behind us.

Pine Mountain Evening

I am seated in my recliner by the fire in our gas fireplace. Squeekers my african grey parrot is on his perch muncing his favorite snack peanuts. Outside our first major winter storm of the season has turned our ranch white with snow. I have just finished my dinner of pot roast with mashed potatoes and corn and I am now enjoying gingerbread cookies for desert with this weeks coffee flavor of the week Tropical Vanilla from our friends at==> . The vanilla taste brings out the flavor of the coffee and goes quite well with our gingerbread cookies.

Squeekers and I have been watching another old sci fi seriesd called Andromeda on TV. Now both my cookies and my coffee are history and my TV show is over. It is time to get some sleep. I put squeekers in his cage and turn off the gas fireplace. I head upstairs to bed. Good night all see you next week.