Thursday, December 3, 2009

Milan Italy

Pine Mountain News

This week has been a typical first week
of December. The temperatures growing
slowly colder as the last weeks of fall
unwind and winter begins.

Christmas is approaching and people are
spending just a little more than they did at
the first of the year. This week I built a few
more pieces of furniture and harvested
more vegetables from our aquaponic
greenhouse garden.

We had our first snow of the season which
stayed about a day before it melted.

Poem of the Week

Moving Away

by emily d stine

Fold clothes, place neatly in basics
eliminating the unnecessary

Oneself leaves with so much more
than oneself brought, leaving me
contemplating conservation of energy

Accumulate memories only to throw 'em away,
a faded laugh to the recycle bin, and others
flung to trash, a banana peel half.thought.

Pictures of good times paused
stripped from the wall, freeze-framed smiles
stuffed into envelopes and pressed into albums.

Strip the color, de.cheer the room,
destination storage room. Color loses
vividity in cramped amnesia spaces.

In the end, it seems, I'm packing myself
in boxes-- labeling them Air Express to China.

Feature Story of the Week

Milan, Italy

by Roxana Arzamazova

So, Milan. Just the name justifies a rank of
capital of the world industry of fashion and design.
An acknowledgment of that fact can be seen
by the main historical area of Duo-mo. One of the
largest trading complexes of the city is located there.
The central and side streets are lined with fashionable
shops and boutiques.

Absolutely Milan looks different at night. Milan rules
above all the major cities of Europe in illumination. All
the buildings and statues and artwork take on an air
of well lit cultural sophistication.

The well lit theatre of La Scala is known in all the
world.The building is typical enough for the city
center but it draws attention to inspired greatness
at night.To pass by it without a visit is impossible.

A separate mention is deserved by a complex
of sports buildings that is one of the oldest stadiums
of the country.
- San Siro looks like and reminds you of a huge
intergalactic ship which has landed on deserted
suburb of a megacity. To admit, at some
instant this large object starts to impress in the
grandiose sizes, especially against ascetic
constructions surrounding it.

One more curious moment.The activity of club
shop of soccer teams "Milan" and "Inter" located
in one corner directly inside the Dignity of Siro. To
begin with I will notice that the schedule of its
work hardly corresponds with interests of the fans.
During the day it has opened the doors only at 1600.
Even more surprising the total absence in presented
production looks. Actually, it offers to the
buyer about 30 names of goods of each of the teams.
That it is obvious not enough for
so eminent of clubs.

Coming back to a theme which in a
greater degree interests potential tourists
and people who plan to visit the capital of
Northern Italy, I will tell you in a stream of
words about the food and travel about the

In Milan you can find just about any food
or item you are seeking. Transportation is
furnished by trams and underground subways.

In the conclusion I wish to warn visitors
not to reach the airport at the last minute.
Such a focus in Milan won't work.

First, the road leading to the airport is narrow
and easily clogged by dense traffic.
The second problem is the presence at
the airport Malpensa of two terminals located
apart from each other a distance of 5 km.
To travel from one to the other
is possible only by a special bus
(time takes up to half an hour). Considering
the absence of any information displays,
you can easily find out that you are at the
wrong terminal while your flight takes off
absolutely from the other terminal. So be vigilant!

Pine Mountain Evening

It is evening once more at Pine Mountain ranch.
We have just finished dinner and are relaxing in
the family room by a warm fire in the fireplace.

Laurel and Grace are watching a movie while I
relax in my easy chair by the fire and read a
Discover magazine. This week I am having
fresh baked sugar cookies and my coffee
of the week from
tonight's flavor is French Vanilla. This French
roast coffee is intertwined with the taste of
the vanilla bean to make a delicious coffee

Well my cookies and coffee are finished now,
and the movie is over and it is time for bed.
Good night all see you next week.