Friday, May 29, 2009

Adventure in Egypt

Section 1 -----Pine Mountain News

It is almost the end of May already. This year is flying. Here at the ranch it is almost time to cut hay. We have been doing the usual chores to keep the place running.

Memorial day brought the annual Ridge Route classic car race and the King of the Mountain Heartbreak 100 Bicycle race.

This week we have a story of a journey to Egypt told by Roxana. First we have a poem about a blue blanket.

Section 2 ----- Poem of the Week

"A towel, it says, is about the most massively

useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have."

a tribute to mr. adams [don't panic!] by emily d stine

Have I mentioned my love for my
US Airways blanket? we all know
the #1 thing all hitchhiker's
[or wandering muses for that matter]
absolutely NEED to have is a towel.

Well, I "borrowed" this soft blue blanket off
the plane from Philly to Amsterdam and it
seems a gift from THE DOUG himself
a towel, a blanket, a coverup, a parasail
you name it, it does it.

An extremely handy, undervalued
travel..bit for a wander.muse
like meself to have. I knot it on the
strap of me gypsy.sack, remind
myself not to PANIC & away we go.

Section 3 ----- Adventure in Egypt

Egypt. Sharm El-Sheikh

I have always dreamed of visiting Sharm El Sheikh in
Mainly to admire the underwater world.
And here at last it happens. Several girlfriends and I
have decided to visit this unusual country.
We have chosen an inexpensive tour and a 3 star hotel.

At this resort each beach is attached to a certain hotel.
We didn't like our beach,there were too many people and
not ideally pure water as at others, so we decided
to use cunning and went on foot to the beach of a 4-5
star hotel. It was 1 km from our hotel, every morning
after breakfast we slowly walked up to this place,
at an entrance to the beach the security guard asked
what hotel were we staying at, and we named the 4 star
hotel which owned the beach and he let us pass.

In October in Egypt it is dark already at 5 PM in the
evening and then there is nothing to do on the beach.
There is no tanning,no swimming, because of poisonous
small fishes that rise to the top of the sea. We went
to our hotel to take a nap,and to get ready for another
night of visiting night clubs.

In the morning after a rough club night, we would
attempt to have a tasty breakfast.We would go
to the market to buy fruits and souvenirs, and
then back to the beach to bake in the sun and swim
in the sea. The days passed lazily and relaxingly.

In Sharm El-Sheikh annoying obsessive persons would
bother us each day to offer sets of excursions, two
from which we had already visited.
We would tell them to talk to the people behind us.

One day we went with a big group of people on a boat
to the sea where we went swimming with flippers and
mask. There were unforgettable feelings when strange
presences came near you. We saw many fish of
different size, color and form.We had a shiver of
pleasure, and sometimes of fear, what if this
monster will bite me.

We returned to the ship and had dinner. Service
was top-level,all the waiters were smiling
and very helpful. The ship returned us to our

The next day we went shopping at the bazaar.It
had a central street with many shops on the main
street and also side streets.
In the middle of the bazaar there was McDonalds,
it was very strange and out of place but I
enjoyed the burgers and fries.

In the rich quarter there were many dancing
floors and hookah's bars
where they prepared the best tea and hookahs.
We spent several evenings in the rich quarter.
Going back to our hotel by taxi we enjoyed
Sharm El-Sheikh at night with its many similar
streets.We looked off in the distance at the
mountains and deserted places.

We liked the architecture of a mosque we saw
and were going to take photographs
but it became dark too soon. We wanted to see
the pyramids, Luxor, Alexandria and Cairo,but
the road was washed away and we did not
have time to go the long way.
So maybe next time.

Our week went by too fast and soon it was
time to go home.Maybe another time we will
visit Israel and the historic bible places.
We looked out the window as our plane flew
away and left Egypt behind.

Section 4 -----Pine Mountain Evening

It is evening again at the Pine Mountain ranch. We have just finished dinner and are in the family room watching TV and enjoying fresh cookies for desert along with our sample coffee from tonight I am enjoying Irish Creme. This coffee goes quite well with fresh sugar cookies. Well my coffee and cookies are gone now and it is time for bed. Good night all see you next week.