Saturday, May 10, 2008

Desert Life

Pine Mountain

Hello again from Pine Mountain. It has been a typical May gray week on the mountain. We have hazy sunshine and temperatures in the mid 60’s Fahrenheit which is about 18 C Here at the ranch we have our own power. It is furnished by our 2 wind turbines and our water turbine. We also have a few solar panels that charge up a battery bank. Our horizontal turbine looks like a small wingless airplane on top of it’s 80 foot tower. We purchased that one from Our vertical turbine we purchased from, and our water turbine in the dam of our pond came from an Alaskan alternative energy company
This week our adventure is about a trip to the desert to help my cousin do the spring preventative maintenance on his 20 irrigation pumps that are on his desert ranch. Without irrigation nothing but cactus and sagebrush grows on his ranch . First we have our usual sections, Alternative energy, Health and Wellness, Niche Marketing, Traveling for Less, and Adventure and Treasure Hunting. We also have a new section that is a short film clip about recent International news stories.

Alternative Energy

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Nutrition and Health

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Travel for Less

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Adventure and Treasure Hunting

Do you watch movies like Indiana Jones and wish you could do that in real life? Do you like a good mystery? Would you like to use modern methods and tools to find long lost treasure?
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And now for our feature story

Desert Life

This week our adventure is about a trip to my cousin's ranch in the desert to fix and do preventative maintenance on his 20 irrigation pumps.

Every Spring and fall the pumps are inspected and repaired or replaced. The pumps are the only thing that keeps the ranch from returning to cactus and sagebrush.
Some of the pumps are in remote locations and you have to have 4 wheel drive to get to them.

The first thing that goes on a pump is the seals. The pump then starts to leak and does not move the water that it should. These are big pumps from 60 to 120 horsepower. They have vertical motors and need a boom and winch or a tripod and winch to lift the motors so that they can be repaired. Most of the motors are outdoors but a few of them are in pump sheds.

The pumps in the sheds are even harder to work on than the pumps in the open. They also pose the additional danger of rattlesnakes and scorpions that hide in the sheds to escape the desert heat.
The last 4 days in the desert have been anything but nice. The weather has been cold and windy. It is more like March or February weather instead of May weather.
At least with the cold weather we did not see the usual snakes or scorpions. We saw lots of long eared jack rabbits and saw a few mountain lion tracks. We heard the coyotes howling once.Finally the pumps were done and I headed home to Pine Mountain.

Pine Mountain Evening

I returned home from the desert and took a shower. I am now seated in my recliner by the fire and feel warm and clean for the first time in 4 days. Squeekers my African Grey parrot is seated on his perch munching peanuts.I am enjoying my sample coffee from Tonight I am having fools house American. It is just the right campfire coffee and after the last 4 days it tastes just right. Well it is getting late so I put Squeekers in his cage turned off the fireplace and head for bed. Good night all see you next week.