Friday, May 16, 2008

Ural Vacation

Pine Mountain

Hello again from Pine Mountain. It has been a hot, sunny week on the mountain. The Sun has been out steady all week causing the temperatures to be 10 to 12 degrees above normal for this time of the year. It feels like mid summer instead of spring. Here at the ranch we have our own power. It is furnished by our 2 wind turbines and our water turbine. We also have a few solar panels that charge up a battery bank. Our horizontal turbine looks like a small wingless airplane on top of it’s 80 foot tower. We purchased that one from Our vertical turbine we purchased from, and our water turbine in the dam of our pond came from an Alaskan alternative energy company It has been windy all week too so our energy system has been busy selling excess energy to the grid.

I took a ride on my horse Rocket this Wednesday to check on the cattle and make sure the fences were still in one piece. The spring flowers were blooming and the warm weather made it a relaxing ride. I saw 2 deer in the north pasture and they took off as I approached. The fences were fine and the cattle are grazing on the new spring grasses. I finished my ride and took Rocket back to the barn.

This week Roxana tells the story of her friend Ona and her adventure to the towns and historical places of the Ural mountains. First we have our usual sections, Alternative energy, Health and Wellness, Niche Marketing, Traveling for Less, and Adventure and Treasure Hunting. We also have or news clip so that you can catch up on International news.

Alternative Energy

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Nutrition and Health

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Adventure and Treasure Hunting

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And now for our feature story

Ona and her Ural Mountain Vacation

Roxana has a friend named Ona and during the summer of 2004 Ona went on a vacation to the Ural mountains.

Tamerlan's Tower

The first stop was to Tamerlan’s tower. This stone fortress was built during Cossack days as part of a defense line against wild mongrel invaders. The tower is 3.5 kilometers southeast of the village of Varna.


Many of the small towns in the region were named after European capitals by the Cossacks who traveled to these Capitals on official business in the early 1800’s. In this region you will find Paris, Berlin, Leipzig, Varna, Chesma and Port Arthur.
We traveled on through the town of Paris. This town was definitely not Paris, France. The roads were so bad that the best our 4 wheel drive vehicle could do was 2nd gear in 4 low as we crawled over hummock after hummock. The site marked Eiffel tower was actually a silo for ensilage.

The next stop was Kesene’s mausoleum. Kesene was the daughter of Tamerlan. Several legends exist. Kesene ran away with a common soldier and then was either killed by soldiers or was killed by wild tigers. The mausoleum was built to honor her passing.
Recently the site was restored complete with gravel walkways and it looks like it is new.

Demidov's Tower

We traveled on to Nevyanks.This city was founded in the 1700’s by Peter the Great on the banks of the Neiva river. In the center of the city is Demidov’s inclined tower. It was the tallest of all the bell towers in the Ural Mountains at a height of 57.5 meters. The only structure taller was the bell tower of Spaso-preobrazhenskiy cathedral at 68 meters. During Soviet days the tower was taken down and the cathedral turned into a mechanical factory. In 2003 the temple has been restored but not to scale so it looks almost like a toy.


We traveled on to Verhoture. Founded in 1598 this city was called the gate to Siberia. Customs duties were collected from goods passing through this gate. In the late 18 and early 19 century a large religious center was built called the empire of sacred Simeona. Simeon was a nobleman but at 17 he refused his inheritance and left for Siberia taking a vow of poverty. He died from excessive abstention at the age of 35. Fifty years later his remains were dug up and found to be just as they were when he was buried. A spring at the burial site is thought to have curative powers and many people come to be healed of their ailments.

In the last few years there has been a revival of Verhotur including plans to make it the capital of the area. The area is full of fast rivers, dense woods, fine valleys and raised rocks. We stopped for the night at the hotel Sable. The next day we toured Troickiy cathedral, and Pious Nikolaev Monastery. The Hague convention in 1959 included Troickiy Cathedral in the collection of most significant moments of architectural history. The cathedral is especially beautiful in morning sunlight when its numerous domes brightly shine. The cathedral is joined to Verhotur kremlin . The stone kremlin is a unique structure because it is the only Ural kremlin not made of earth and wood. The view from the kremlin is breathtaking. The quiet surface of the river Tura, green strips of coast and numerous trees between small wooden houses and smoke curling lazily from the chimneys provides a calmness to the soul. You pass through the sacred gate at the Pious Nikolaev monastery. Women must wear skirts and head scarfs.


Before you are the white domes and dark blue dome of the Preobrazhenskiy temple. To the right is Nikolay Chudotvortsa’s tiny church and behind it is Krestovozdviszhenskiy cathedral. This cathedral is the third largest in Russia and is able to hold 10,000 believers. During Soviet times the cathedral was turned into a cement warehouse but it is now fully restored to it’s original beauty.

We cross a wooden suspension bridge that shakes under our weight and now we are in Pokrovskiy female monastery built in 1621. next we traveled to the village of Merkushino where Saint Simeon Verhoturskii lived when he was alive.

In the village of Kostylevo there is a temple to Kosma Verkhoturskogo. Around it is constructed the new-Tikhvin femal monastery. It looks like a small Swiss village. A new wooden church is being constructed and there is a landing strip for tourist helicopters. Inside the tiny Simeon church are twisted marble columns, numerous gold icons, and a floor with heating multiple colored marble tile. All these riches are guarded by numerous security guards in black uniforms.

The next morning we went to the small town of Verkhnya Pyshma. Here we visited the church of Presvyatoj the virgin. Next we went to Sysert to see Talc’s stone on a rocky shore of a beautiful lake. It is a very rugged area and you need a jeep to make it through. Finally we returned home having driven 2000 kilometers in three days.

Pine Mountain

Well it is evening again on the mountain and I am sitting in my easy chair by the fire in my fireplace. Squeekers the parrot is sitting on his perch chomping peanuts. Tonights coffee of choice is Mocha Java from It is a mixture of Ethiopian mocha mixed with java island sweet coffee. I finish my coffee and my magazine article at the same time. I am tired so I put Squeekers in his cage, turn off the fireplace and head off to bed. Good night all see you next week.