Friday, January 30, 2009

Munich and the Castle Tour

Hello again from Pine Mountain. Our strange winter weather continues. The rain stopped and our daytime temperatures have been in the 60 F ( 4 C ) in the daytime and the 30’s F (- 1 C ) at night. The snow level is up around 7000 feet ( ) It does not look like winter wants to arrive this year. Things are about normal here on the ranch. Early morning chores include milking the cows, collecting eggs from the chickens, and cleaning out horse, donkey and cattle stalls.

Breakfast is around 0700 then Squeekers and I work out in the greenhouse tending plants, fertilizing, watering, etc. Squeekers is my African grey parrot. This year I planted a few peanut plants but had to fence them in because Squeekers is trying to harvest them already. Peanuts are Squeekers favorite food.

Since it has been nice weather this winter, I take a ride on Rocket my horse about once a week. My old John Deere snowmobile sits in the barn ready to go but we have not had any snow yet this winter to bring it out.

Well enough about our boring ranch life. If you are new to our newsletter here is how it is laid out.
Section 1 Ranch News
Section 2 Alternative Energy
Section 3 Health and nutrition
Section 4 Travel for Less
Section 5 Treasure Hunting
Section 6 Munich and the Castle Tour.
Section 7 Pine Mountain Evening

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And now our feature story.

Munich and the Castle Tour

We arrived at the airport in Munich Germany. We settled into our hotel and the next morning decided to go on the castle tour. We were at the Karstadt pick up stop at 0800. This stop is across the street from the railroad station.
Our tour bus was very comfortable and our guide gave us a history lesson of the whole area as we drove to our first destination.

Our first stop was Linderhoff castle. It was built in the French Rococo style by King Ludwig II and was used as a hunting lodge. We spent almost 2 hours at this castle then it was back on the bus.
Our next stop was the little town of Oberammergau home of world famous master carvers. It was incredible all the intricate carvings that can be made from wood. Finally we boarded our bus
and headed for our most famous stop, Neuschwanstein Castle.

This castle was built in neo Romanesque style by King Ludwig II and looks like a fairy tale castle. This is the castle that Walt Disney used as his model for the famous Disneyland castle. It was fall when we took the tour and the orange, red, and yellow of the leaves on the trees gave it a fantasy fairy tale look and really made the castle stand out. We spent hours touring this castle.
Finally we boarded our bus for the journey back to our pick up point. We saw many other castles perched on hills overlooking lakes and rivers. Our guide would explain the history of the castles as we drove by. Germany is a land of castles. There seems to be a castle on just about every hill and vantage point in the country. When you combine the fairy tale look of the castles and the fall colors of the trees of all the ancient forests, Germany is truly a land of enchantment.
We enjoyed our tour and finally returned to our hotel at 1700. The next day we did a little sightseeing in Munich then boarded our plane. We looked out the window of the plane as the land of castles was slowly left behind.

Pine Mountain Evening

It is a cool winter night as I sit in my easy chair next to the fireplace. The gas fire provides a warming heat.
Squeekers is on his perch munching peanuts. Tonight I am enjoying Pacific Expresso from This is a full bodied dark roast Italian style coffee with a smooth and strong after taste. This coffee makes you think that you have gone to Seattle. The coffee goes well with a slice of apple pie.Squeekers and I have been watching and old TV series called Highlander. My coffee and pie are now history and my show is over. It has been a long day. I put Squeekers in his cage and turn off the fireplace. It is time for bed. Good night all have a great week. See you next week.