Friday, November 14, 2008

Driving Through Big Sur

Hello again from Pine Mountain. Glad you could join us. It the middle of November.We are having what is called a Santa Anna. The winds blows off the desert. It is dry and hot in the daytime and cold and clear at night.
This week I have been working in my woodshop making more bookshelves and end tables for the little furniture store up town. In between Squeekers, my African grey parrot, and I have been tending the garden in the greenhouse. We have fresh lettuce and tomatoes, carrots, radishes, turnips, and even rhubarb that we made into a Rhubarb pie.
I hooked Pete the mule up to his little cart and went out and checked the fence line before winter sets in. I went for a ride on Rocket my horse and this rider on a dirt bike almost ran us off the trail. Well enough about the ranch. This week our feature story is about a scenic drive up the northern California coast to Big Sur.
If you are new to this site, here is how things are arranged. First we have this section where we tell you about things on the ranch and the surrounding area. Next we have sections on Alternative energy, Easy cash, Nutrition and Health, Travel for less, and Adventure and Treasure hunting. Then we have a weekly travel adventure with pictures from somewhere in the world. Each one of the sections has links to websites and products. Finally we have coffee by the roaring fire in the fireplace and wish you a good night and a good week ahead. I hope you enjoy our newsletter and return at least once a week for a new adventure and new products and programs to improve your life.

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And now our feature story.

Driving Thru Big Sur

The Big Sur area of California is a coastal range of the Santa Lucia Mountains. It starts about 245 miles (394 km) north of Los Angeles and ends about 120 miles (193 km) south of San Francisco. The area extends about 20 miles (32 km) inland.

Several years ago I traveled with a friend through the Big Sur Area. Highway 1 is the only real road through the area. Highway 1 twists and winds through the Santa Lucia mountains making hundreds of turns. Each turn brings another breathtaking view. There are so many micro climates you can have redwoods one minute and cactus the next. Any land that is for sale comes with a high price tag. Usually over $2 million. Most residents are either original ranchers or wealthy entertainment types. The county ordinance that keeps all structures out of view of highway 1 keeps the area pristine and wild. Small observation pull offs give you plenty of
opportunities to take pictures.

and marvel at the sights. There is even a waterfall that pours directly into the ocean. There are only 3 gas stations in the whole area and hotel rooms come at a premium. Highway 1 is an adventure in itself and a way to leave the civilized world behind at least for a day or two.


The first inhabitants were Indians. Three tribes lived in the big Sur Area for thousands of years. They were the Ohlone, the Esselen, and the Salinan. They were hunter gatherers and lived on mussels, abalone, fish, and acorns.

The Spanish.

Juan Cabrillo was the first to visit the area in 1542 but it was not until 1770 that the Spanish padre Junipero Serra came to Monterey bay and established a mission there. Between the European diseases and the Spanish treating the Indian like slaves, the Indian population was soon wiped out.
Next it was the era of Ranchos and land grants. The area became part of Mexico in 1821 then part of the United States in 1848. The United states passed the homestead act and several hardy pioneers staked out their 160 acre claims.

Industrial Times

The lumber industry made short work of the coast redwoods. Landings were set up for ships and gold mining and limestone quarrying began. The industrial boom faded and the area became wilderness again. The completion of highway 1 in1937 changed the area for good. Writers and artists began to move into the area.


Most of the area is now part of the Los Padres national forest or part of the military area known as Fort Hunter Liggett. There are no real towns. Three small areas of civilization at Big Sur, Lucia, and Gorda make up most of the population of 1000. The basin Complex fire of 2008 burned about 130,000 acres and destroyed 27 homes. The area will take a few years to get back to anything resembling what it once was.

Pine Mountain Evening

It is evening and I am relaxing in my easy chair in front of the fireplace. A cheery gas fire takes the chill off the mountain evening. Squeekers my African Grey parrot is sitting on his perch munching peanuts. I am relaxing with my coffee from Tonight I am trying Chocolate Raspberry. This coffee has a distinct taste of raspberries and chocolate taste mixed with roast coffee. It goes well with almost all deserts. It is just the right drink for a cold evening. Squeekers and I have been watching the latest episode of the Sci fi series Stargate Atlantis. Both my coffee and my TV show are over now. It has been a long day. I put Squeekers in his cage, turn off the gas fireplace, and head upstairs to bed. Good night all. See you next week.