Friday, May 1, 2009

Massachusetts, New York, and Howe Caverns

Section1-----Pine Mountain News

Hello again from the Pine Mountain Ranch.Spring is here at last and April has now turned into May.

Monday, April 27, the funeral was held for Michael Manning the 15 year old boy that fell off a cliff.There were over 350 people in attendance. During the final minutes of the ceremony 5 hummingbirds hovered over the coffin and a red tailed hawk flew overhead.

Tuesday, April 28, the day Michael would have turned 16, Helium balloons with his name on them were released to honor him.

If you are driving north on I-5 from May 3 - 8, lanes 1 & 2 are shut down for repair from the LA county line to Lebec.This will make for slow driving but the repairs are needed.

Well enough about Pine Mountain. In Section 2 our resident poet returns with a poem about the ocean.In Section 3 we return to traveling across Massachusetts and New York in a 4 wheel drive Tiger Motor home. Finally in section 4 we have coffee by the fire and wish you a good week ahead.

Section 2-----Poem of the Week

You've Spattered Me In A Sea of Blues

written fall 2007 Emily D. Stine

I row relentless---
the illucid ocean and I
in your salt
immersed in the blue
with each fluid touch
of your brush
a black
to the palette
speck swallowed
in your oceanic impression

Section 3 ----- Massachusetts, New York, and Howe Caverns

Hello again I hoped everyone enjoyed there visits to Chile , Arshan, and Patagonia. When you were last with us we were leaving Maine in our new Tiger motor home.

Our tiger is a Ford extended cab F350 with a 6.4 turbo diesel.We have a 130 watt solar panel, heated holding tanks,a 2.8 K generator,an outdoor shower and a 38 gallon fuel tank. Inside we have all the comforts of home.We have a sink, stove, refrigerator,full bathroom with a shower, and a flat screen TV. Tiger is made by Provan at their factory just south of Columbia, South Carolina.If you would like to see what the inside looks like go to you can see a video 360 inside tour as well as different models and options available.

While you were enjoying the journey through other countries we made our way across Massachusetts enjoying spring and all its greenery and new spring life.

We traveled on through Worchester and Holyoke and then on through upstate New York.

We stopped at Howe caverns and did some cave exploring. The Howe caverns are near exit 22 on I-88 near Schenectady, New York. Lester Howe found the cave in 1842 by following his cow Millicent to a place where a cool wind came from the ground.Over the years there have been many improvements including an elevator and lighting.

There is a lake called Venus that you travel on in boats.

There is a great Rotunda and an altar with a heart shaped stone that is used for weddings.The caverns are a constant 52 degrees year around.We enjoyed our cave adventure.
Soon we were back on the road again. We headed south into Pennsylvania.

Next week Roxana returns with a story from the other side of the world. We will be back next month as we travel across the United States.

Section 4 ----- Pine Mountain Evening

It is another spring evening on Pine Mountain. We are gathered around the fireplace in the family room. I am enjoying another sample coffee from Tonight I am trying Kona blend. This American roast coffee is a blend of Columbian and Hawaiian kona coffee. It is a perfect coffee to relax around the fire.

My coffee is done now and it is time to get some sleep. Everyone have a good week and we will see you next week with a new adventure.