Friday, August 14, 2009


Pine Mountain News

August is half over already. This year will be gone before we know it. Here at the ranch we are doing the normal chores. We replaced 20 fence posts that had rotted. Hopefully our beef cattle will stay where they belong now.

Our aquaponics garden is doing well. It is amazing what a steady stream of fish fertilizer does for growing plants. It is very easy to maintain and there is no weeding or cultivating needed.

Local News

Three elderly ladies on Aleutian Dr in Pine Mountain can sleep better now. USDA caught and relocated a bear that had been trying to enter their home. This is a wilderness area and there are at least 6 more bears that dwell within a 60 mile area. None of the rest of the bear population has become a nuisance. Bears in the area are caught and removed to other areas when they get to the trying to gain entry to houses stage.

In other news Cal trans is still working on Interstate 5 in the grapevine area until the third week in September.Most of the work is done at night but there are still some delays in the area.

Well enough about Pine Mountain. now it is time for our Poem of the week.

Poem of the Week

City on a Hill

by Emily D Stine

We roar through the quiet Italian countryside
to Assisi. a city on a hill, stands in awe of
the green valleys below. beautiful in a way I
can't describe, quaint with flowers blooming
from every window sill in reds and whites.

The basilica tops the city and below lies
St. Francis' tomb. carefully, we cover our shoulders
with scarves, prepare to see ancient frescoes.

Creeping through the dusty church, we peer at the
paintings on the wall while the nuns walk idly by.
then tiptoe down a staircase to the tomb of St.
Francis, a tunnel built in the 18th century after
grave.robbers tried and failed twice to steal a saint.

On the way out, I pen a picture or two in my journal,
slip a few euros into a tray and ponder the idea
of a modern day saint.

And now for our feature story


Last time you were with us we had just crossed the state of Tennessee on our cross country RV tour. At first we thought we were going to head straight west through Arkansas but we finally decided to take a tour of the deep south and went south into Mississippi.

Mississippi bridges

We left Memphis and headed south on Highway 61. We crossed into Mississippi then 61 became 49. At Friar point Highway we went west until we reached Highway 1 then we headed south once more.

Mississippi facts

The state of Mississippi is name after the river that shares one of the state's boundaries. Most of the state is a flood plane with levees over 20 feet tall holding back the water especially during spring floods and Fall Hurricanes. Most of the state is heavily wooded with pine trees being the dominate tree. The highest point in the state is 806 feet. Average elevation across the state is about 300 feet. Mississippi has many cat fish farms. Most of the fresh catfish in stores across the nation comes from here.The state capital is in Jackson Mississippi. The population as of 2008 was 2,938,618.

Mississippi History

The first people to settle the area were Paleo Indians around 10,000 BC. The first European was Hernando De Soto in 1540. The first European settlement was in Biloxi by the French in 1699. Large plantations were built and slaves were imported from Africa. Cotton became king. The civil war came and Mississippi was the 2nd state to join the Confederacy. After the Civil war a new state constitution was written in 1868. It allowed the newly freed slaves to prosper and become landowners. Bad weather, boll weevils and Jim Crow laws soon erased the prosperity. In 1890 another state constitution was written which took the right to vote away from blacks and poor whites. Mass migrations of blacks and poor whites to northern industrial cites so they could find a better way of life drained the state of almost half the population.

Mississippi river boat at Locks

We headed south on Highway 1 generally following the Mississippi river. We went through the little towns of Stovall, Farrell, Sheraro, Green Grove,Rena Larca,Hillhouse, Eldridge,Rockdale,Francis,Perthshire,Ginnison,Waxhaw,Wright,and finally came to Rosedale population 2500. We stopped for a meal. Most of Mississippi is still country with towns so small if you blink you will miss them. Most of the state moves at a slow country pace and is great if you want a way to relax. We stopped at various points along the Mississippi river and watched the many barges making their way up and down this major waterway of commerce.

Tankers waiting to unload

Highway 1 dead ended into Highway 14 which we took east to Rolling Fork then headed south on highway 61. The first large city we came to on this western side of the state was Vicksburg.We checked out the civil war memorial then continued south on Highway 61. Soon we were on the
Mississippi, Louisiana border.

Mississippi country road

Pine Mountain Evening

It is another evening at the pine Mountain ranch. We have just finished dinner and are relaxing in the family room. Tonight I am enjoying another sample coffee from Tonight my flavor is Chocolate Expresso. This super oily Italian roast coffee is mixed with fine chocolate making it a great after dinner drink.

Well my coffee is finished now and it is time to go to bed. Good night all see you next week.