Friday, July 4, 2008

Oslo Norway

Pine Mountain

Hello again from Pine Mountain. Today is the 4th of July, Independence Day, it is a day for relaxing, backyard barbeques, visiting family and friends, and fireworks in the night sky. This year it is even better because the 4th falls on Friday. That gives everyone a 2 day weekend to recover from the 4th. This year with the high price of gas, just about everyone is staying closer to home to try and save money. Instead of relaxing this year I am working down on Palomar Mountain. Next week I will tell you about my adventure down there. This week my roving travel writer Roxana is exploring Oslo, Norway. Her story is this weeks adventure. First we have our usual sections Alternative Energy, Easy Cash, Nutrition and Health, Traveling, Adventure, and this weeks feature story Oslo, Norway.

Alternative Energy

First for those of you that have just joined us, here at the ranch power is supplied by 2 wind turbines and a water turbine. We also have a few solar panels that charge up a battery bank. Our horizontal turbine looks like a small wingless airplane on top of it’s 80 foot tower. We purchased that one from Our vertical turbine we purchased from, it spins away on a 30 foot or 10 meter pole out by the barn. Our water turbine in the dam of our pond came from an Alaskan alternative energy company The wind has been normal for this time of year. Every day there is an almost constant 7 or 8 mph wind. In the late afternoon and early evening the wind picks up to about 10 to 15 mph.

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And now our feature story.

A Trip to Oslo, Norway

It is morning and I find myself in Oslo-the capital of Norway.
Oslo has been the name since 1929. From 1878 to 1929 it was
called Kristianias. Before 1878 it was called Christianias.
 Norway is a country of natural beauty rather than architectural.
In the program for the tourists visiting this country, two
cities are usually specified- Oslo and Bergen. Both of these
cities are charming, but I look forward with much
greater enthusiasm to seeing the natural beauty of the fjords
from the deck of a cruise ship.

What is a fjord? What is so special about it? Oslo-fjord,
for example, is amazing with unusual beauty. It has the
cleanest water with dark rocks hanging above it in height
up to 1 kilometer. You look on the scene and you understand,
that here all is as it was created by nature millions of
years ago. It was at the time of Vikings, and all will be
as it is hundreds of years after us. The view of

Nature in its photogenic beauty and greatness. That is a fjord.
Probably, many tourists imagine Oslo as an ancient city
with impressivehouses of fine brick. However if that is
what you imagine, Oslo will disappoint you. It is a very
modern city with a lot of "new" architecture.

Vast glass objects, and new buildings made to look old.
Even the town hall, a building which should show the true
shape of medieval cities, only dates back to the 1950’s.
 The best sights of city are, undoubtedly, The Royal palace
and Parliament.And if the palace constructed in style of
classicism, more or less answers representations about
what should be a residence of ruling monarchs the building
of the Parliament will probably surprise you. Instead of a
concrete or stone patio in front of the main entrance there
is a lawn. Here where important affairs of state are
carried out the towns people come to picnic and sunbathe
in front of the parliament building.

The Port of Oslo is very interesting. Here it is possible
to see a rare show: a meeting of different vessels.
Here you can see a passenger liner, a small private yacht,
a big sailing vessel, a few merchant ships and several
military Ships all at the same time. From the quays there
is a view of Oslo-fjord.
 All tourist life in Oslo this capital of Norway centers
around the street Charles Yukhans and the small side
streets adjoining it. Many cafes and restaurants are
concentrated on Aker-Bruge in buildings of the former
shipyard. The suburbs of the city too represent interesting sights.

One of them- is Gustav Vigelanda's sculpture park.
He is a well-known Norwegian sculptor.
Here around of the huge 17-meter monolith, the center of
the composition, is collected 200 sculptures from
granite and bronze, representing the life cycle of a
person from birth to death. It needs to be seen and
reflected upon. The expressions on the faces of the
sculptures are tremendous. It gives one
pause to reflect on the seasons of a persons life.
 The second  sight- In Oslo this capital of winter sports,
is Holmenkholen hill . Here is a springboard from which
ski jumps on more than 120 meters are made, It is 417
meters in height. Here the most courageous skiers can
test the sensation of flying. For the less adventurous,
there is a Ski simulator near the springboard Many are
inclined to consider these sensations too extreme.

Around of the hill there passes also a ski line, In winter
it is a constant stage of the championships and cups of
the world of this kind of
sports. The natural forest surrounding the city of Oslo,
acts as a natural backdrop to the arena for skiers in
winter. King Olaf V very much liked to go for a drive
on Holmenkholen hill and watch the skiers. The monument
of Olaf and his favorite poodle nicknamed the Troll is
near the springboard.

On the opposite hill if you look narrowly, it is possible
to see a huge stone figure of one more troll, half hiding
in dark green fur-trees. Trolls here will meet to you practically everywhere, and
they are different by size. The smallest in shops are souvenirs. In front of many shops
the trolls are bigger up to half of human size. And the
largest trolls are stone sculptures. Norwegians believe in
these small and kind and funny little men that occupy
mountains as part of the Norwegian heritage. The history
of trolls is very interesting, and their kinds
and abilities are surprisingly different.

I spent several days in Oslo this capital of Norway and now
it is time to leave for my next destination the U K.

Pine Mountain Evening

It is evening and the local 4th of July fireworks has just begun.
Merlin the dog does not like fireworks and is hiding under the bed.
Squeekers the parrot and I are on our front porch.
Squeekers thinks the fireworks are funny lights.
Cousin Sam and his wife are going to spend the weekend and look after
the place while I am working down south on Palomar Mountain.
Tonight we are trying Chocolate Mint from
It is just right for a celebration night like tonight. Cousin Sam added a shot
of vodka to his.I have spent the day packing my camper with tools and things
I will need. The fireworks are over now and we have finished our coffee.
It is time to get a few hours sleep before I leave.
Good night all see you next week.