Friday, April 18, 2008

Puerto Vallarta

Pine Mountain
Hello again from Pine Mountain. It has been a nice week. The sun has been out every day and the days are getting longer once again. I have been busy making more bookshelves and tables for the furniture store. It is nice to have free power. Our 2 wind turbines and our water turbine produce electricity around the clock. Most of the time they produce more than we need and we watch our electric meter sell the excess power back to the grid. Our first turbine from is mounted on an 80 foot tower. It is a horizontal one and looks like a small airplane without the wings. Our second turbine from sits on a 30 foot tower and is a vertical model. Our water turbine is in the dam of our pond. It is from
This week we have a story about a trip to Puerto Vallarta.

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and now our feature story

Puerto Vallarta

Once in a while we take a vacation. Our trip to Puerto Vallarta was one of those vacations. There were four of us. My friend, his girlfriend, his girlfriend’s mother, and myself. We flew from Los Angeles to Puerto Vallarta. When we arrived we rented a small car then headed to the nearest store for supplies. We loaded up on canned food and fresh produce, as well as beer, wine and hard liquor.
We drove north from Puerto Vallarta about 20 kilometers to a nice 3 bedroom house on a golf course. The road was not well marked so we drove down this narrow paved road that we thought was the entrance to the house. It turned out we were on one of the paved paths for the golf carts. We saw the house but could not get to it. We finally asked directions from one of the workers. He told us that we had to turn around and follow the path back to the main road. We then had to take the dirt road for about 2 kilometers to get to the house. We finally arrived at the house and unpacked our things. There was a nice swimming pool out back so we all went for a swim.
It was getting dark but my friends wanted to go into town to check out the nightlife. We changed clothes and headed for town. We drove to the outskirts of town and parked the car. There were people everywhere. There were musicians playing every half block and the clubs had there own bands. My companions were all good dancers. I was not much of a dancer so I just took pictures instead. We partied until 2 AM then took a taxi back to our car. We drove to the house and finally went to sleep about 3 AM.
The next morning we had rolls, fruit, juice and coffee for breakfast and met our neighbors out by the pool. We went for a swim then went back to town to see some friends from Los Angeles that we had been surprised to see the night before. They were staying at a big new hotel on the beach that had just opened. The hotel was having a big barbecue out by the pool that night so we were invited to stay. We had a big steak dinner then all the contests started. They had a big pole sticking out into the pool with a bucket and a tequila bottle in it. If you could walk out to the end of the pole pick up the bottle and walk back without falling in you got to keep the bottle. After that everyone formed a train and danced all the way around the pool and then back to their seat. Some Indians did some fire dances then we had a fireworks show. By that time most people had plenty to drink and they were falling or being pushed into the pool. We finally made it home about 5 AM.
The next day we rented a boat and went snorkeling out by some islands and saw lots of colorful tropical fish. We came back and went shopping in all the little shops in town. That evening we went on a pirate cruise. As we were boarding the pirate ship several locals were holding this big python. They were scaring the women as they boarded. My friends girlfriend was not scared . She let them drape the snake around her shoulders. She only weighed about a hundred pounds and I think the snake weighed more.
The pirate ship went out in the harbor and then we had firewalkers again and then we had dinner then everyone danced on deck while fireworks went off overhead. We went back to the house and packed up so we could leave in the morning.

The next morning we drove back to town did some last minute souvenir shopping and then turned in the rental car and flew home to Los Angeles. That was our Puerto Vallarta vacation.

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Pine Mountain Evening

Well it is another evening here on Pine Mountain. I am sitting in my easy chair by the fireplace. Squeekers my African grey parrot is sitting on his perch munching peanuts. I am trying another coffee from Tonight I am trying Highlander Grog. This hearty blend of coffee, butterscotch, and hazelnut is a treat all in itself. It makes you think you were in Scotland waiting for the bagpipes to start singing.
I have finished my coffee and finished reading my magazine. I am tired so I put Squeekers in his cage, shut off the fireplace, and head off to bed. Goodnight all see you next week.