Friday, August 21, 2009


Pine Mountain News

August is almost over. Where has the summer gone.
Here at the ranch we are getting ready for winter and
the winter snow and rain.We are sealing roofs and
weather flashing so we do not have leaks. We did some
chimney cleaning. The chimney is not as bad now that
we burn gas instead of logs. The barn is full of hay for
the animals.

Area News

People are having problems with the bears again. There
are at least 5 or 6 bears that roam these mountains out
here in this wilderness area. Last Monday night a bear
over on Frazier mountain grabbed a dog. The people
chased after the bear to rescue the dog then the bear
turned on the people and chased several of them down
the hill. One of the men finally had to shoot the bear
when it tried to grab and maul one of the women. The
bears are getting too used to raiding garbage cans in the
area. The bears are not afraid of breaking into houses in
search of food. A lot of it is the fault of the people. they
leave to much food outside and do not have the garbage
in secure areas. The bears have learned that where
humans are there is food also.

Well enough about Pine Mountain. Now it is time for the
poem of the week.

Poem of the Week

In My Younger and More Vulnerable Years

by Emily D Stine

I would journey to distant lands where
I would encounter many a strange folk.

I wrote all of my observations down in a little
black book, and one day, years later, I returned
to those pages, smelling them to see whether
they had returned with the mediterranean air,
the taste of baclava, the burning of absinthe in
my throat. I gulped at those pages,
but there was only ink.

Closing the book, I resolved to more adventures
to never letting the ink fade and most importantly
to find a way to remember the things that have
slipped through the pages.

And now our feature story

Feature Story of the Week

Skiing in Bulgaria

by Oxana Arzamazova

We flew Air Bulgaria, charter-party from the Sheremetyevo to the terminal of S.Ochen.
It was a pleasant trip. We were quickly loaded and have quickly arrived - even 10 minutes earlier. In 15 minutes after arrival, we are already on the bus going to Bansko! It was a sad revelation to see Sofia in such a withering condition- The broken roads, shabby houses, rusty Russian machines. Three hours, and we were in Razloga. This city is 6 km from Bansko, we delivered the first snowboarders. To lodge there in Razloga I do not advise, it is a village of deaf people, to the ski lift you come late to the turns, you are dying of boredom (words of tenants).

We traveled 15 more minutes and arrived in Bansko - yahoo! One o'clock in the afternoon and we were already checked in the hotel and had the rest of the day ahead to inspect the city.

We stayed at the hotel FAMIL.It is seven minutes of walking to the ski lift of the mountain. It is a 3 star Hotel and is very pleasant inside. There is a sauna at the hotel, for good tenants it is
free, for bad it costs. The rooms were small, but very cozy and comfortable. Breakfasts
began rather late, but we learned by the middle of the trip it was possible to transfer them 20 minutes earlier so we could leave the hotel at 8 AM.

The city is very small. It is a lot of shops that sell basic accessories.
Snowboards and skis are almost not present. I have found only one shop Burton,
which sells all - from snowboards to socks.

Before the trip I read much about the gastronomic delights of the town and yes I agree,
the meat is very tasty. and not only the meat! The price list after Moscow does not bite at all. A supper for six persons with a sea of hot dishes, soups, salads, snack, drinks, spirits + only 120 euros.

The Mountain.

Directly from the city to the mountains are eight-local cabin by rope-way lifts on
Bendereshnu glade. There are already two rope-way lifts on the slopes above. It is necessary
to come at 8:15 AM, to be in line for the opening at 9:30AM. If you come at 9 AM it will be
11:30 AM before you are on the slopes. The last day, on January, 8th, I skied the mountains until 11pm. The rope-way at the resort are good. They are Austrian, with brakes at landing-unloading and even heated seats in the cabins.

On this glade there are four restaurants.It does not matter which one you eat at because the
menus are the same. Also there are both hire, and cash desks if you do not wish to stand in
a queue below. You can also go down the mountain to the glade of Shiligarnik.
There too there are a lot of restaurants, there is one with a distinct menu. Super tasty sausage
Banski Sudzhuk - 5 euros. Hotdog 3 euros - but very big!

The Slopes.

Two days there was snow non stop! It was such that Bulgarians stood with open mouths!
Just a sea of snow!! The valley filled with snow and there was not room for the tractors to
pass with all the lines.

There were two days of real high snow drifts! Too much fuzzy snow , high emotions!
Delight above a roof. Hurray - just a paradise! no restrictions! Very much a beauty spot!
Huge fur-trees at a great distance! You fly on wood up and down the stop and
look down the valley with interest and then leave, off for the next ridge.
Bansko - an excellent resort for the small money!

Pine Mountain Evening

It is evening once more at the PineMountain Ranch. We have just finished dinner and are
gathered in the family room. Laurel and Grace are playing a game of scrabble and I am in
my easy chair reading Discovery magazine. I am trying a sample coffee from Tonight my sample coffee is Dutch Chocolate. This American
roast coffee is dipped in chocolate and goes just right with fresh sugar cookies.

Well Grace won the game of scrabble. Having a doctorate degree did not help Laurel this
evening.I have finished my magazine and my coffee and cookies are gone as well. It is time
to head off to bed. Morning ranch chores come early. Good night all see you next week.