Friday, May 8, 2009

Kuala Lumpur

Section 1-----Pine Mountain News

May is here and with it the first fire of the
summer is burning over in Santa Barbara.
The fire started on Tuesday
then the high winds on Wednesday
turned it into a raging inferno.
Many homes
have burned at last count
over 75. Many of them were multi-million dollar mansions.

The blaze has grown from 120 acres to over 3500 acres.
More than 30,000 people have been evacuated.

The smoke plume from the Santa Barbara fire can be viewed
from the top of Mount Abel here in the Pine Mountain area.
The fire is about 45 miles southwest of us.
A fire this early in the year shows how dry a winter we had.
It is going to be a long scary summer and fall.

Here at the ranch things are about normal for this time of
year.We spend a few days a month fixing fences so the beef
cattle do n
ot get loose. The hay is growing and it will
soon be time to cut and bale it.

Well enough about the local news. It is time for section
2 and our poem of the week.

Section 2 -----Poem of the Week

Jesus & the moneylenders

anthro.poetry by emily d written 6.21.8

I'm sitting outside the Vatican
in the papal state of Rome.
It's funny, didn't Jesus up.turn the
tables of the markets & money.lenders?
well, this being the Catholic equivalent of the
Jewish temple Jesus once worshiped at,
there is PLENTY of wheeling & dealing to be had.

Outside the Vatican Museum, I bargain
an illegal street vendor down from 15 euros
to 10 euros on a pair of Aviators & buy a "Ciao
bella" t-shirt from 4 instead of 5 euros. Amy
bought a purse for 40 instead of 65 euros.
Pope, the church is crumbling &
who is turning a profit from the sale of relics & debris?
You are Vaticano, the most holy place.

en el nombre de Padre, y del Hijo, y del Espirito Santo, Amen.

emily d stine
a poet of sorts

Section 3 -----Kuala Lumpur

by Roxana

The city of Kuala Lumpur began in the 19 century when the tin
mines opened.It was jungle before that therefor it has no
ancient history.
Unlike Bangkok or Djakartas there are no rickshaws,
took-tooks, bicycles,bemo, etc. - only modern types of
transport - buses, taxis, the metro,
the monorail. Cost depends on the length of a trip.

The old city is china town constructions of the first half
of the 20th century. Next to China town is the interurban
service station and the Central market (more souvenirs).
The main foot street of China town(with a canopy on all
length)is named (Pettaling) has turned into the market.

At the beginning of this street there is a final stop for
buses 99 and 12 with which it is possible to reach up to
KL Central (new train station of the city), and hardly
further behind a corner near Bangkok Bank, the bus
11D goes up to the most interesting place -Batoo caves.

This unique beautiful natural formation is more like
a greater grotto, instead of a cave. Inside the cave
is an Indian temple.It is almost like city in the
mountain made in freakish form. There is an entrance
free-of-charge. To enter it is necessary to not go
down, but to rise on 260 steps up!

The most well known building in Kuala Lumpur, is
certainly the skyscrapers Petronas. The two twin
towers of beautiful, nonconventional form for
skyscrapers, connected in the middle with glass
transition which is a viewing platform. To go to
the viewing platform you need a ticket from the
KLCC ticket window. The tickets are free but
they are distributed in advance and
are in high demand.

Another way to look at the city from above is
from a television tower.Tickets are paid
therefor reservation problems with them are
not present.

Other interesting place are the parks of Kuala Lumpur.
They are located behind a building of the old station
(the station name" Kuala-Lumpur"),
it is necessary to wait upwards of 10 - 15 minutes
in a green line by a national museum to enter the park.

There is a park of butterflies, around of you butterflies
of tropical Asia fly. The butterfly exhibit is only open
when it is sunny. The butterflies do not fly in wet weather
or at night time.
Other parks include birds, orchids, etc.

Rich people live in prestigious and modern suburbs. One of
the cores is the city-satelliteof Pentalling-Dzhaya consisting
of modern cottages located next to industrial regions hi-tech
manufactures that employ them.
Adjoining this area is Sunway where there is an aquapark.
there is the expensive smart hotel, and it is a most pleasant
place of residing since area Sunway has huge shopping center,
beautiful modern streets and absolutely near to
Kuala Lumpur. Though Kuala Lumpur is capital, the real capital
is transferred to the city of Putra-Dzhaya.

Usually tour agencies offer 4-5 stars hotels (nearby $100 -
$500 per night ), in the city full and inexpensive (there
will be no pool,restaurant and a smart input, but the room
can be very decent).One of the cheapest variants is the
bed-place in the general room in Golden Plaza in the end
of foot street of China town(Pentalling, 106). But it
suits only spending the night. Inexpensive hotels are
available in different areas, but I would advise the
beginning of street Bukit Bintang. There is a station of
a monorail with such name. This part is closer to Chinatown
and is filled with inexpensive hotels, round-the-clock the
Internet-cafe, nearby $1 for an hour massage rooms,and
various shops. The parallel street is entirely filled by
the open Chinese cafes where it is necessary to
try the food(it is tasty and it is inexpensive,
unlike old" Tourist Chinatown").

In general Kuala Lumpur is a very strange and confused city.
Without a guide-book you will not understand the city.
The roads were not made for pedestrians - often there are no
sidewalks,or even a roadside,There are not enough transitions
through but go to the middle of highway and pass all do so.
Here in the same areas the
luxury of the suburbs and the poverty of the inner city.

Section 4 ----- Pine Mountain Evening

It is another spring evening on Pine Mountain. We are gathered around the fireplace in the family room. I am enjoying another sample coffee from Tonight I am trying Columbian Supremo. This American roast coffee is a mild full flavor brew. It is a perfect coffee to relax around the fire.

My coffee is done now and it is time to get some sleep. Everyone have a good week and we will
see you next week with a new adventure.