Friday, September 12, 2008


Pine Mountain

Hello again from Pine Mountain. This week it has been a slow week on the ranch. We have a long conveyor that we send bales of hay from the hay wagon to the top of the loft. We have used it for more than 20 years and it has worked well. This week the electric motor that runs it burned out so we had to buy a new motor and install it. It should last another 20 years now. We also have a big manure spreader that we load up when we clean the horse and cattle stalls. It has a chain drive that moves the load back so the spinning spikes on the drive rods can spread it across the field as we pull it with the tractor. It is about 40 years old. The chain drive broke so we had to fix that too. There is always plenty to do here on the ranch to keep everything working the way it should. Well enough about the problems on the ranch. This week we go international with our story.Our world traveler Roxana is back with a story about her visit to Tunisia. First we have our usual sections of Alternative energy, Easy Cash, Nutrition, Traveling, and Adventure.

Alternative Energy

First for those of you that have just joined us, here at the ranch, power is supplied by 2 wind turbines and a water turbine. We also have a few solar panels that charge up a battery bank. Our horizontal turbine looks like a small wingless airplane on top of it’s 80 foot tower. We purchased that one from Our vertical turbine we purchased from, it spins away on a 30 foot or 10 meter pole out by the barn. Our water turbine in the dam of our pond came from an Alaskan alternative energy company The wind has been normal for this time of year. Every day there is an almost constant 7 or 8 mph wind. In the late afternoon and early evening the wind picks up to about 10 to 15 mph.

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Easy Cash

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Nutrition and Health

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And now our feature story.

Adventure in Tunisia

Our plane came in for a landing at Tunis, the capital of the country of Tunisia. From the window we could see rows and rows of symmetrical olive trees. Tunisia is the northernmost country in Africa. It enjoys a Mediterranean climate in the northern part of the country and becomes increasingly arid as you travel south until it becomes the land of the shifting sand dunes of the Sahara desert. Tunisia is a moderate Arab country with western ties and it has so far managed to keep the radical extremest Arabs from taking over.


The first history of Tunisia goes back to 814 BC when a Phoenician queen named Elisa and here people landed on the shore at what is now the city of Tunis. The local population of Berbers did not want them there but agreed to sell the queen a piece of land big enough to be encompassed by a bulls hide. They charged a large price for this and thought they had taken advantage of the queen. That night the queen cut the bull hide into thousands of tiny strips and tied them all together so by dawn the bull hide rope encircled the whole hillside. This is where the city of Carthage was built. Carthage became a great power and even the Roman Empire was afraid of them and launched several wars against them. After the Romans came Alexander the Great , the Arabs of the middle ages, then the Ottoman empire, then a French protectorate in 1881. Tunisia became an independent nation in 1956. The first president was Habib Bourguiba.

The Cities

The country of Tunisia has a population of about 10 million. The largest city and capital is Tunis with a population of 800,000. It is located near the ancient site of Carthage. Each city has an old part called a Medina.


The merchants and shops are located in the twisting winding streets of the Medina. Many shops have rooftop views of the city. The shopkeepers will tell you their family histories and the history of the city. When you come back to the shop from the roof the shopkeeper will try to sell you anything and everything. It is best to tell them that you are not interested in rugs before they pull everything out and you disappoint them.

The new part of the city has wide streets and hanging flower baskets and neoclassical French architecture.

Cafes and Coffee houses

Cafes are everywhere and serve soft drinks and sweet mint tea. They are where the men come to talk about the business of the day. Tunisian women do not go to cafes. The only women in the cafes are tourists escorted by men.

Coffee houses are where the younger generation gathers. They have many different coffees and pastries. Most of the pastries have pistachios and other nuts sprinkled on for a topping.

Things to Do.

The best way to travel is by loiuge which is a big red and white taxi. They can become a bit crowded as the driver tries to load as many people in as he can.

If you want to really see the country try the 4x4 safari trip for about $120. You leave Hammamet and go to el Jem. Here you see a well preserved Roman coliseum.

Coliseum at el Jem

The next stop is Gabes. Here at the oasis you can buy fresh dates.
Next is the mountain town of Matma where you visit an old Berber village.


The next stop is Douz on Thursday which is market day. Bedouin nomads come from all around on their camels to sell their wares.
We went offroading on the sand dunes then we went to Chott and the salty mineral lakes.

Leaving Chott we went to Tamerza and the famous waterfalls.
Next on our journey was the mountain oasis at Chebika.


Nefta our next destination was where Star Wars and the English Patient were filmed.

Tozeur , our next stop, was a quiet little town. The women are only allowed to leave their home and shop on Friday. We had grenadine lemonade with kiwi to slack our thirst.
Our final stop was Kairovan. It is famous for handmade carpets.

Adventures End

Our time in Tunisia went by too fast and before we knew it, the time had come to head home. We flew out of Tunis and watched the groves of olive trees disappear from sight.

Pine Mountain Evening

It is evening and I am relaxing in my easy chair in front of the fireplace. A cheery gas fire takes the chill off the mountain evening. Squeekers my African Grey parrot is sitting on his perch munching peanuts. I am relaxing with my coffee from Tonight I am trying Chocolate Expresso. It is Italian roasted super oily beans that are chocolate coated. The rich dark taste definitely wakes up your taste buds. Squeekers and I have been watching the latest episode of the Sci fi series Stargate Atlantis. The show is over and I have finished my coffee. I put squeekers in his cage and turn off the gas fireplace. It is time to get some sleep. See you all next week.