Friday, February 12, 2010


Pine Mountain News

We have had several snow storms in the last 2 weeks.

We get some snow and then in a few days it melts.

The fish and vegetables in the green house are doing

well even though it is mid winter.

We are still making a few pieces of furniture in the

wood shop. This week we take a travel visit to India

with Roxana

Poem of the Week

Indian Dreams

by emily d stine

Shiver through the sheets as my mind

wanders back to the place and I see

saris blowing through the wind, soft

reds, pinks, blues spinning in my head.

Casting clay pots and spitting fat camels

Indian children laughing through streets

where we walked, Western in our wear

the colors so vivid I feel that I'm there.

There's a cow in the road but nobody

honks. A foggy view of the Taj Mahal

invades my thoughts. Varanasi,

the world's oldest city, laundry and

funerals flounder in the ghat.

My Indian dreams, the saris bring

me back, a gentle breeze, how the

wind makes the colors sing.

Story of the week


by Roxana Arzamazova
   My big travel across India the Route:
 Delhi, Agra (Fatehpur Sikri), Gwalior, Dzhansi, 
Orcha, Kadzhuraho, Varanasi, Calcutta, Puri 
(lake Chilika), Konark, Bhubaneswar, 
Vishakhapatnam, Chennai, Madurai, 
Kanijakumari, Kovalam, Karkalla, Kollam, 
Alaputsa, Kochin, Udipi, Karvar, Goa 
(in transit), Vengurla, Malvan, Devgarh, Alibag, 
I decided to take a trip to India. I had a six week
 vacation so I started in  Delhi, Tadj-Mahal, 
Kadzhuraho Varanasis places everyone knows.  
  I developed a route by means of guidebooks 
to India "Dorling Kindersley" And " lonely planet". 
India is very cheap country. With a TV and a bathroom
 I paid for hotels on the average 5 dollars. 
The cheapest-$3 (Kadzhu - ÒÁÈÏ), $7 Delhi on Mejn ,
 and a maximum of $ 14 Mumbai. Without conveniences 
in the room. my expenses would have been less. 
 Many people are afraid to go to India because of the dirt.
 Really, Hindus like to throw dust under feet. But in 
good hotels and the tourist centers it is very clean. I never
suffered digestion frustration. For this purpose it is enough 
to wash your hands before a meal, to drink 
bottled water and not to eat in doubtful places. In a couple 
of days you cease to notice the dirt. In India there are a lot 
of beggars. Do not give them money or they will follow you 
 Transport in India is cheap. In the city it is possible to move
 by tuk-tuk. They cost less than a city bus. Twice I used night
 buses with berths and twice I slept on trains. I stayed at 
25 hotels. Certainly, that is a lot, but I saw so much! 
  Why do people go to India? It is a country not similar to others.
 It has a special charm. There it is not accepted to steal. 
The Indian women dressed in sari’s, and look like 

In the south is it eternal summer. There are the high
mountains, deserts, jungles, and seas.

Many people go there in
ashrams to do yoga, medical experts, surprising 
philosophy. Pursuit of money and success can lead to depression
and you loose the meaning of life. Hindus can explain to you that
all is not necessary. Consumer society philosophy it is not the 
  "Exclusive dynamism, continuous activism tear to pieces the 
person, or transform a person into a machine. In India no one
hastens anywhere. Be ready for it! 
In Delhi the most interesting sites are the 800-year-old 
Kutb-Minar (height of 70 meters), the Lotus temple,
 the Red fort, the Gate of India, Radzhput.

 I headed south. Two hours and you in Agra where there is
 the most beautiful building in the world. The Taj-Mahal,

and also the big fort. Nearby there is Fatehpur-Sikri the
capital of emperor Akbara. 
In the city of Gwalior at top of a 100-metre hill the beautiful
 fort is located. In Orchhe there is an interesting palace. 
Further on my way there was a world famous village 
Kadzhuraho with it’s 25 temples and erotic sculptures. 
Varanasi. the most sacred city of India, (from which Shiva 
has risen to the sky). On the bank of Ganges are 90 Ghats
 (ladders) and 2 places of cremation. Hindus dream to die in 
Varanasi. Normal cemeteries are not present, Bodies burn 
down to ashes and ashes are swept away by the Ganges.
10 kilometers from Varanasi in 500 years B.C. Buddha
 gave his first sermon.
 Calcutta. One of the greatest cities of India. Victoria's
 memorial the most beautiful building of the city. On the
 bank of Bay of Bengal in Konarke there is a temple of 
the Sun a XIII century building with erotic couples on 
all the facade.
 Nearby, in the open air a scene where 
the festival of India is annually held. For 20 rupees you
receive weight of pleasure. 
In the city of Chennaj (Madras) of veins Foma the 
non-believer also is buried. In a Catholic church on 
seacoast it is possible to see his tomb. Tourists like to 
visit a temple complex in honour of Shiva in the city 
of Madurai. Twelve 50-meter gates are entirely covered 
by figures of people, demons, gods, and animals. 
In the south of India the city of Kannijakumari is located.
 The most interesting here its 2 islets on which it is possible
 to get, having stood the big turn, after  all Hindus 
wish to visit on "The end" of India and to visit the island 
where philosopher Vivikenanda and others meditated. There 
is a 40-meter monument to the local poet 
who lived 2000 years ago.

 Here there is the Bay of Bengal and Arabian sea. Further on 
my way is Kerala. One of the 
most beautiful beaches- khovalam. Here always there are a 
lot of tourists. Tourists love Varkalu. Nearby are Silent creeks 
a system of fresh-water channels and lakes. Travel by 
 tourist ship from Kollama in Alaputsu (70 km) occupies a 
whole day and leaves unforgetable impressions. 
Narrow small streets in the city of Kochin with the Portuguese, 
Dutch and English constructions are charming. In earlier times
 there were warehouses with spices.
 State of Karnataka was next on my way. Near the city of Udipi 
is the fine and deserted  beach of Malpi. And such beaches are
in considerable quantity!

 Most tourists visit Goa. Tourist possibilities in India are huge! 
To the south of Goa in the city of Karvar there is a good beach,
 but instead of tourists a herd of cows there sunbathe! 
I have passed through Goa by trip bus and arrive in fishing village
 Vengurla. The beach there is multi-kilometer, and tourists appear 
In the city of Malvan it is possible to look at the big island, and in 
The village Devgarh There is a big peninsular fort.

in Alibage there is an island fort. During low tide outflow 
(during the lunchtime) it is possible to pass on foot. From 
Alibaga to Mumbai it is possible to get there by 
30 minutes by bus and an hour by a ship and you are in 
12-million Mumbai. The city looks fine from the sea. There
 are many high-rise buildings, and many beautiful English 
India is a country which you will desire to come back to again
and again!

Pine Mountain Evening

It is evening once more at the Pine Mountain ranch. We are in the family room by a warm fire in the fireplace.

Laurel and Grace are playing a game of scrabble.

We have just finished dinner and I am enjoying my after dinner coffee with a plate of fresh chocolate chip cookies. Tonight my coffee from is Celebes Kalossi. This American roast coffee has a spicy syrupy taste with just a hint of oak.

Well my coffee and cookies are finished now and Grace won the game of scrabble. Now it is time to get some sleep. Good night see everyone in 2 weeks.