Friday, January 29, 2010

St Thomas U S Virgin Islands

Pine Mountain News

The last week of January is almost over
February is almost here.
We have published
this weekly newsletter for over 2 years now.
We have traveled many places but costs have
risen and demands on our time have risen
even faster so we are going to a twice a
month format.
See everyone in two weeks.

Poem of the Week

Ode to a Writer

by emily d stine

And a man who's just died.
it's Holden Caulfield,
from that
book Catcher in the Rye.
Late in his life, he was labeled misanthrope.
But there was a time
when his eyes held
cynical hope,
embodied in a fresh-faced kid
with a fast-talk mouth.
A bildungsroman, coming-of-age in the
playground of New York City,

Post War America setting the stage.
It's Mr. Salinger, Mr. Zeitgeist man.

And his voice will live on in his many fans.

Story of the Week
St Thomas U S Virgin Islands

by G Smith

This week we went offshore and visited
St Thomas in the U S Virgin Islands. The
island was originally settled by the Ciboney
,Arawak,and Carib people. It was a Danish
possession until 1917 when it was purchased
by the United States. Residents were
granted US citizenship in 1927.

It is the only place in the United States
where you drive on the left side of the road.

We flew into Cyril King airport and checked
into a Bed and Breakfast called
" At Home in the Tropics" on Blackbeard hill.
The place had spectacular views of the harbor.

St Thomas is mountainous and just about
every turn in the road offered breathtaking
views of the surrounding area. We stopped at
"Drake's seat" and took in the view of Megan's

We went on the Skyride which is an aerial
tram car that takes 7 minutes one way. We saw
a bird show and took an Eco tour in a 2 person
kayak though the mangrove lagoon. We went
snorkeling in the crystal clear waters and saw
whole colonies of brightly colored tropical fish.
We went to the famous red point blowhole.

We spent a day at "Coral World Ocean Park"
and went through the underwater observatory.

We went to Blue beards castle which is a
stone tower that is now part of a hotel.

Sir Francis Drake used the tower to spy on
Spanish ships that traveled through Drake's
passage. We went up St Peter mountain
which at 1542 feet is the tallest point on
the island.
We visited Tillet gardens which
was once a Danish farm but is now a center
for artists and performers.You can find paintings,
and hand made jewelry here.

We went to French town with all the many
restaurants and bars and watched small
fishing boats unload there catch of the day.
There are so many activities and places to
visit that you never run out of things to do.

Time went by rapidly and too soon it was
time to leave.

Pine Mountain Evening

It is evening once more on Pine Mountain
ranch. We are gathered once more in the
family room around a warm fire. I am
enjoying fresh chocolate chip cookies with
my coffee of the day from

Tonight I am enjoying Caribbean Hazelnut.
This American roast coffee is just right for
a travel story about St Thomas.

Well my coffee and cookies are finished
now and it is time for bed. Good night all
we will see you in two weeks.