Friday, April 23, 2010

The Lighthouses of Marin County

Pine Mountain News

It is mid April already but that did not stop old
man winter from trying one last attempt at
bringing a winter storm to the area. At least the
lower elevation rains helped fill the reservoirs
with much needed water.

The hay in the field is growing fast and as soon as
the weather dries out, it will be time to cut and
bale hay. This cutting is the most nutritious and
we mix it with the rest of the cuttings to have a
nutritious mix.

Area News

The five year old girl from Frazier Park,
Missty Gamblin that was severely bitten in the
face by her neighbors dog is now home after
$35,000 in surgery costs. Her mother is a single
mother with 2 kids and no medical insurance.
A fund has been set up to help with the costs.
Donations can be taken to the Mountain Communities
Family Resource Center (above the library at
3015 Mt. Pinos Way, Ste. 201 in Frazier Park,
8:30 a.m. to noon and 1-4 p.m.) or checks can
be made to the MCFRC, P.O. Box 1902,
Frazier Park, CA, 93225, with the note
“Missty Gamblin Medical Fund.”

Poem of the Week

Mimosas in Marin County

by emily d stine

I'll play pretend for a day
late brunch, organic omelets
orange juice champagne
a lifestyle whimsy,
I can't complain.

Stroll through the boutiques,
jump on my bike, head up
to the view for picture & hike.

Water cerulean, & sun-splashed
cheeks, the walk is lovely,
water opening between peaks.

Stop for a moment, toes in the sand,
force my mind to remember
this beautiful marine land.

Story of the Week

The Lighthouses of Marin County

by G Smith

Marin county is north of San Francisco
on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge.
It is an area of scenic beauty and

Marin county is one of the 27 original
California counties and was a county even
before California became a state.
The county has a long coastline and even
it's own bay called Drakes Bay after
Sir Francis Drake who sailed their in his
ship the Golden Hind in 1579

To protect ships from crashing on the shore
Marin county built several lighthouses. Today the
time of the lighthouse keeper is past and
automated means are used to keep the
remaining lighthouses operating.

Point Reyes and Point Bonita are the 2 most famous

Point Reyes

This lighthouse was built in 1870 and served as
a lighthouse for over a hundred years.Built below
the edge of the cliff to keep the light out of
almost constant fog, the lighthouse is 308 steps

down the cliff. you need to be in top physical
shape if you want to try the tour on this one.
Between the high
winds and the fog visiting
this lighthouse is an adventure. The
to the lighthouse is shut down when the winds
40 miles per hour.
The light tower is a 37 ft high 16 sided structure
built in 1870.
It housed a 6000 pound first order Fresnel lens
that magnified the light and split it into 24
individual light beams. This powerful light
could be seen up to 24 miles out to sea.

In 1975 a small building was built below the
station . This building houses the modern light,
fog horn and radio automated signal equipment.

Point Bonita

The lighthouse was built a half mile down a trail. In the middle
there is a tunnel. The lens is a second order Fresnel able to be seen
18 miles away.To save money the back side against the cliff was
not lens ed.

Lime Point

Lime point existed as a fog horn station from 1833 to 1900 when lights
were also added. This station was on a small spur of land just east of the
north tower of the Golden Gate Bridge. It had a 3 story keepers station and
two 12 inch steam powered fog horns. The station was automated in 1961
and the 3 story station keepers building was torn down. All that is left of
the station today is the automated fog horn building.

Besides light houses another point of interest in Marin County is Muir Woods
a stand of old grove coastal redwoods from 500 to 1200 years old. Well
maintained trails add to the enjoyment.

Marin County is a wealthy county with the medium income around 92,000 a year.
Lukas films of Star Wars fame used to be in San Rafael the Marin county
government seat but they have now moved to the Presidio.

Pine Mountain Evening

It is evening once more at the Pine Mountain Ranch. we have gathered
in the family room to enjoy a movie on TV. We have just finished dinner
and I am relaxing in my easy chair with fresh apple pie and a cup of the
sample coffee of the day from Tonight I am
having Panama Boquete. This American roast coffee is filled with fruity
sensations and just a hint of chocolate taste. It goes well with apple pie.

Well my pie, coffee,and movie are over and it is time for bed. Hope
everyone has a great couple of weeks. we will see you in 2 weeks.
Good night everyone.