Friday, March 13, 2009

Menorca and Ibiza

Pine Mountain
Hello again from Pine Mountain. I spent most of this week commuting back and forth to LA to finish an engineering project I have been working on. Four hours on the road each day wastes a lot of time. In my spare time I have been writing my travel blogs and reading up on Agua culture biosphere gardening. In a nut shell it uses large tanks for hydroponic growing of plants. It takes it a step further by putting fish in the tanks as well. The fish bi products are absorbed by the plants and the plants turn the co2 from the fish into oxygen and use the nitrates from the fish as fertilizer to grow. I am thinking of converting my greenhouse to this system but I have to study it a bit more first.

Well it is mid March already, this year is flying by. So far we have had a mild winter while the rest of the country has been having a cold and snowy winter. What strange weather we have.

Well enough about the Mountain. This week we continue with our 3 section form. So if you are new to our news letter here is how it is laid out.

Section 1----Pine Mountain News

Section2----Our Travel Story

Section3----Pine Mountain Evening

This week we continue our journey through the islands of Spain. Last week we toured Majorca, this week we travel Menorca and Ibiza.

Menorca and Ibiza

We rented a motorcycle and left Palma for Alcudia on Majorca. We arrived in Alcudia then boarded the ferry for Ciutadella on the island of Menorca. Menorca is the second largest island in the Balearic islands. Ciutadella is the second largest city on the island of Menorca. The city is of Moorish design and life moves at a slower pace than on the big island of Majorca.


Menorca History

Menorca is known for it's stone megaliths that go back to prehistory. The island has a colorful and varied past. It has survived Roman, Moorish, British and Spanish rule. Majorca was liberated from the Moors in 1231 but it took another 56 years before Menorca was liberated. The British took over the island in 1708 and held on to it until 1802 when it was returned to Spain.

Our travels

We left Ciutadella on the ME 1 better known as 271 or the Ciutadella - Majon road. The island poulation is around 88,500 with around 27,500 living in Majon the capital of the island. Majon is called Mao for short. The distance from Ciutadella to Majon is around 40 kilometers. Menorca is flatter than Majorca with gently rolling hills and secluded sandy beaches.

Menorca beach

Menorca inland

The highest point on the island is 1174 feet ( 358 meters) . We spent the first part of the day leisurely riding to Majon.

Menorca beach

While Ciutadella looks like a Moorish designed town Majon looks like a British town of the 19 th century. Majon was the seat of British rule from 1708 to 1802.


We spent about an hour touring Majon then headed back to Ciutadella to catch the ferry back to Alcudia. We spent the night in Alcudia then went back to Palma where we caught the ferry for Ibiza.


Ibiza is the smallest of the three main Balearic islands and has a reputation as a party island. From June to October various well known bands and DJ's try out new versions of house, trance and techno electronic music.


The island was first settled by Phoenicians in 654 BC. Later came Carthage, Rome, Vandals, and Moors. Liberated from Moor rule in 1235 by King James I of Aragon it went on to become a Spanish possession.

Our Adventure

We went dancing at several of the clubs. We were fogged at one of the clubs and foamed at another. One club blended into the next one and before we knew it it was morning. We took the ferry back to Palma and then flew back to Barcelona. It was an interesting week in the Balearic islands of Spain.

Next week we continue down the coast of Spain and tour the city of Valencia.

Pine Mountain Evening.

It is evening once again on Pine Mountain. I am seated in my easy chair by the fire in the fireplace.

Squeekers is on his perch munching peanuts. I am eating cookies and drinking my sample coffee from Tonight I am enjoying Chocolate Mint. This American roast coffee is another desert coffee that goes well with after dinner sugar cookies. Squeekers and I have been watching another episode of Lost. This soap opera sci fi series has the survivors of a plane crash returning to the time traveling island after leaving the island and being rescued. Well my show and coffee and cookies are done for the night and it is time for bed. I put Squeekers in his cage and turn off the fireplace. Good night all see you next week.