Friday, July 18, 2008

The United Kingdom

Pine Mountain

Hello again from Pine Mountain. This week I stayed around the ranch. I hitched up Pete the mule to his cart and went out and fixed some fence. I took Squeekers the parrot along. Squeekers always has some comment about everything. It is amazing some of the things he comes up with. Squeekers was on the next fence post watching me work. I was mending some loose wire and Squeekers started talking. Squeekers said, “Fix the fence.” “Fix it good.” A little farther along I was pulling on the reigns and saying, “ Whoa Pete” so Pete would stop and I could fix another part of the fence. Squeekers decided to help so he started saying, “ Whoa Pete!” too. We finally finished fixing the fence and I unhitched Pete at the barn. I put him in his stall and gave him extra feed and water then Squeekers and I headed for the house and dinner.

Roxana has been traveling again. This week she tells of her travels to the United Kingdom. First we have our usual sections on Alternative energy, Easy Cash, Nutrition and Health, Traveling, and Adventure.

Alternative Energy

First for those of you that have just joined us, here at the ranch, power is supplied by 2 wind turbines and a water turbine. We also have a few solar panels that charge up a battery bank. Our horizontal turbine looks like a small wingless airplane on top of it’s 80 foot tower. We purchased that one from Our vertical turbine we purchased from, it spins away on a 30 foot or 10 meter pole out by the barn. Our water turbine in the dam of our pond came from an Alaskan alternative energy company The wind has been normal for this time of year. Every day there is an almost constant 7 or 8 mph wind. In the late afternoon and early evening the wind picks up to about 10 to 15 mph.

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Easy Cash

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Nutrition and Health

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And now our feature story.

The United Kingdom

My first stop was Great Britain. Great Britain is on an island that is off the northwest coast of Europe. This island is made up of England, Wales, and Scotland. To the west is the island of Ireland. The topography of the island is wide and varied. There are mountains and plateaus, valleys and rivers, green countryside and brisk cities.


Great Britain is an ancient country. Beginning with Celts and Druids and Scottish Clans and places like Stonehenge, the island has been populated for several millennia. Later they were a Roman territory and finally they became an empire themselves. In Empire days, this small cold damp island ruled over almost ¾ of the world.

Splendor and greatness have considerably decreased since then, and today the Monarchy is exposed to daily attacks from the press. Despite all that the inhabitants are proud of their country. In the last century the Monarchy has undergone a huge transformation from colonial power to a member of the European Union.


The capital of England is London, a city well known for its history and cultural magnificence. Northern England with its lakes, mountains, and rocky coastline represents a picturesque snapshot of country life. To the south the medieval city of York contrasts with the more faster pace of life in Liverpool and Manchester. Both of these two cities are known for their soccer teams and exhausting night life.

If you pass even farther to the south you will discover a quieter and silent England where serene air streams over rural paths and flickering swamps. The sparkling spikes of Oxford and its proud tower above University city have changed little in centuries of existence. To the south of London there are rich agricultural areas and the picturesque sea coast opens the way to many hospitable resorts and small fishing villages.

From Cotswold up to the rocky coast of Cornwall, western England represents an idyllic pastoral essence. There are charming cottages with straw roofs and twisting footpaths through juicy green meadows.

England with its regal luxury, pomp, and variety is glad to welcome visitors giving them many opportunities to relax and explore. Stonehenge, the tower of London, Eton and Oxford are only a few of the riches kept from an earlier age. The country has not got stuck in the past. Modern fashion, the refined kitchen, clubs, and ample opportunities to purchase modern wares makes England one of the leading countries in the world.


The wild but not subdued country reaches from southern and eastern farmland to the hilly terrain and islands of the west. The rocky coast and its beautiful beaches, the mountains divided by sparking lakes and deep rivers. The history of this ancient land is marked with ancient locks and strengthenings commemorating many of the historical events that took place there.

Despite the fact that Scotland is a part of Great Britain, the Scots consider themselves their own nation. They have their own legislation, their own parliament, and their own independent economy. Aberdeen is the center of the oil extracting operation in the North Sea and Edinburgh has the largest bank in Europe. Scotland is the native land of golf and whiskey. The cultural heritage is shown by the many festivals of the clans and the poetry of Robert Burns. Summer is the best time to get acquainted with Scotland with Edinburgh International festival of the Arts and the many mountain games like tossing the caber, rugby, cricket, shinty, and curling. If you are looking for an active way of life, Scotland is the place.


Even though it is a small country, Wales has much to offer. Impressive mountains, picturesque sea coast, wild untamed rivers, fresh green valleys, and medieval castles and fortresses. The name comes from an anglo-saxon word meaning stranger. It has its own language and long place names that are difficult to pronounce. It is a very friendly and hospitable nation. It has many legends and unique beauty. It has several large nature preserves and you can walk, ride a bicycle, ride horses or enjoy aquatic activities. There are many festivals and if you want nightlife the place to be is Cardiff.

Northern Ireland

Once the ancient kingdom of Ulster, it was the home of Gallic kings, ancient Irish clans, and Vikings sailing the open seas. It is St Patrick’s land and the land of the giant Finn Macula. It is a place of myths and legends and a mysterious and heroic past. Northern Ireland has many picturesque landscapes, historical fortresses, and a rich heritage of Celt Christianities. Then people are open and hospitable and possess an excellent sense of humor. The small size of the country means everything is just a short travel away on country roads. Look out for the herds of sheep and cattle crossing the roads!

To the southeast is the County of Down. It has some of the finest landscapes in the country. Miles of coastline with small fishing villages, seaside resorts, lakes forests, and the mountains of Morn. To the north is the exciting coast of the county of Antrim. There are many raised rocks, fine beaches and magnificent narrow mountain valleys of glacial origin. It is here that we have the Stones of Antrim also known as the (Giant’s Causeway).Legend has it that the giant Finn Macula laid these stones to have a path to the sea.

As a gate to the northwest is the ancient fortified city of Londonderry. It is the home of Ireland’s poets writers, and musicians. Beyond the mountains is Belfast. It is surrounded by hills and industrial enterprises. This city played and important role in the industrial revolution. Today it is a thriving industrial town with about a third of the population of Northern Ireland. With green hills, rivers, lakes, mountains, and picturesque coasts, Northern Ireland is an excellent place to spend a vacation. Visit a local pub and sample a pint of black beer while listening to performers playing traditional Irish music.

Pine Mountain Evening

It is evening once more. I am relaxing in my easy chair. I have just returned from fixing fence out on the ranch. I had Chili and a sandwich for dinner. Squeekers my African grey parrot is sitting on his perch eating peanuts. Tonight our sample coffee from is Columbian Supremo. This coffee is a rich full bodied coffee with a mild taste. Squeekers and I just finished watching the first episode of year 5 of the scifi series “Stargate Atlantis” This show definitely packs a lot of action in a 1 hour show.Looking out the window I see we have a full moon tonight. If you look at it just right you can see an image of a face. Tonight the man in the moon looks like he is smiling. Well it is getting late and I am ready to get some sleep. I put Squeekers in his cage and head off upstairs to bed. Good night all see you next week.