Friday, March 20, 2009

Valencia Spain

Pine Mountain
Hello again from Pine Mountain. It has been a relaxing week on the ranch. Squeekers and I have been working in the greenhouse most of the week. My winter garden is now looking good once more. It has been neglected the last few weeks while I was in the city working on a project.

This week I went for a ride on Rocket the horse and took Pete the mule out with his cart to fix the fence line. Well enough about the ranch. This week we travel to Valencia Spain on our journey through Spain.

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Section 2----Valencia Spain

Section 3----Pine Mountain evening

Valencia Spain

We returned to Barcelona from the balearic islands of Spain and then meadered our way down the coast of Spain to Valencia.
Valencia History
Valencia is an old city established in Roman times around 137 BC. In 72 BC Valencia's General Sertorius was killed at a banquet by rivals. A Roman general named Pompey then attacked the city and destroyed it. It was rebuilt a few years later. After the Roman empire fell the Visigoths conquered the city then after the Visigoths, the Moors took over the city in 714 AD. The Moors ruled until 1238 AD when King James of Aragon claimed the city for Spain.

Present day

Valencia is a city of 1.53 million. It is a mixture of old world charm and modern big city. We explored the city and went to the medieval gate then toured the market place.

city gate


We walked around the bull ring

Bull ring

We walked along the waterfront and enjoyed the fine food at several restaurants.

We explored the shops and before we knew it our time in Valencia was over. We have wandered around Europe for several months and now it is time to return to the new world. Next week we begin to explore the new world starting in Rio de Janeiro.

Pine Mountain Evening

It is evening on the ranch and Squeekers and I are relaxing by the fire in the fireplace. Squeekers is on his perch munching his favorite snack peanuts.

I am relaxing in my easy chair with my coffee of the evening from Tonight I am enjoying Mocha Java. This American roast coffee combines Ethiopian mocha with coffee from the Java islands. This coffee is just right with the ham and cheese sandwich that I am having as a late night snack. Squeekers and I have been watching another episode of Lost on TV. My sandwich and coffee are now finished and my show is over. It is time for bed. I turn off the gas fireplace and put Squeekers in his cage. It is time to head upstairs to bed. Good night all see you next week.