Friday, October 2, 2009

Sanya China

Pine Mountain News

Hello again from Pine Mountain. This week we began winter preparations on our small attached greenhouse. We cleaned and checked the seals on the panels and made sure the panels that have been open for most of the summer are able to close. We checked the furnace and the circulating fans. This year the systems are more critical than ever because of the fish in the aquaponics tank.

Local News

Cal Trans had another mess to cleanup yesterday on the grapvine when a big rig hauling a large earthmover lost his brakes due to overheating. The driver tried to stop by rubbing against the guardrail. This ruptured the left fuel tank and entangled the guardrail in the truck axles. Northbound traffic was stopped for several hours while the mess was cleaned up.

Poem of the Week

Luck Be A Lady

by emily d stine

Crawling up the I fifteen out of Southern California
sand, sun and a sliver of asphalt greet me.
Two hundred miles trickle by alongside me,
the sweat on the small of my back, the cracks in my throat.
Slowly we slither toward an oasis of simulacrum,
a mechanical paradise grown out of the ground.

I don't complain about this, but find it amusing to see,
the id, the hedonist, and the fantasies at play.
A place to indulge your vice, a place to escape,
A place to test your luck, if not, your liver.

I smirk, I smile, throw the dice on green felt for a while.
Stroll by the people on the strip.street, bedazzled in sequins,
slipping over gin&tonic smiles and tomorrow toe pumps.
Make my way casino.side, slip past senior citizen chimneys
choking down the slot machines. Past the green felt, the red
the black, and up into the small solitude of a crepe paper hotel bed.

Feature Story of the Week

Sanya China

 I arrived on island Hainan the city of Sanya -

the most southern city of the island and China.
I stepped from the plane onto a gangway and at
once the humidity hit me hard.
It was already almost night - 11 p.m. warm and

cloudy. I Thought that it was the rainy season.
I was mistaken.
 Customs and  reception of luggage has passed

quickly and our group is planted on the bus.
The bus took us to our hotel.
Even at night I was surprised at the beauty
of the tropical vegetation around us. I chose
the hotel myself, on the Internet,and did not
regret it.

The front desk issued our room  quickly. I was

given a number on the 2 floor in the 2 case,
near the pool. It was a standard room with a big
balcony with a kind of vegetation that was
typical of Sanya.

The next day we walked in the city, I was

surprised that even in cloudy weather the
majority of Chinese women walk under umbrellas.
The tropical sun burns even through the
clouds. After the first day, I bought an
umbrella too.
Then there was the sea, the big waves and

very warm water.I rocked on the waves in a
small boat. The beach did not have any
jellyfishes or seaweed, just perfect pure
On the way back to the hotel we were tempted
with live creatures floating in aquariums
about every 10-20 meters.
We stopped at one and they caught an eel
about 1 kg of weight and some shrimp.
They cooked them for us mmmmm yummy it
was so tasty.
On the third day we decided to visit the

sights of a city in the suburbs. We traveled
by motorcycle with side car.
It’s a very cheap type of transport in the
south of China.

In Sanya there is a park with the name

"World's end". It is meant that this
park is an earthly paradise embodiment.
Coconut palm trees, heat from the sea,
pure air, the world, the harmony, full
calmness- Here everything that,
according to founders of the park,
is necessary for a person to have

entire happiness. The
park is really, very harmonious.
The sensation of a fairy
tale is created: configured with
toy bridges, islets,
plants, palm trees all together

create an ideal picture.
You feel like Elli in the Emerald

city, like the water-nymph in
the underwater world.
In this place really it would be
desirable to forget about external
world existence, about its vanity,
efforts and cares.

Nearby to "World's end" the sea reserve

is located.When you buy a ticket it is
possible to take pleasure in all its delights.
There is a dolphin show and a
fur seal. Chinese spectators come to watch
presentations by the whole excursion groups.
That day they filled all the seats, with
mouths opened in awe and they did not
close them until the end of the show.
After that I went to see the crocodiles.

Three thick green lazy crocodiles have
collapsed on a platform and gradually
shuffled on stage. The handlers then
drag them by the tail and the
crocodiles open their mouths. The
handlers take turns sticking things in
the open mouths of the crocodiles. In
their mouths by turns are thrust a
balloon, a boot, and a stick. The

favorite entertainment of the Chinese
has then begun. The trainer declares
that he will put his hand in a
crocodile’s mouth. He needs to have
money in his hand or the crocodile
will eat his hand.
Trustful spectators from different

directions give the trainer money
in fear for his hand.
When he collects 50 Yuans, he puts
his hand in the crocodiles mouth and
takes it back out.
He then takes the crocodile by the
tail and pulls him back on the platform.

Our stay in Sanya went fast and soon it
was time to head home.

Pine Mountain Evening

It is evening once again at the ranch. The fall chill is

in the air again and it is nice to be able to relax by a

warm fire.

Dinner is finished and we are relaxing in the family room.

Tonight my sample coffee is Chocolate Raspberry. This

American roast coffee combines the rich taste of chocolate

and raspberrymixed with flavorful coffee beans. . It goes

well with a plate of fresh baked cookies. This coffee is

available at

My coffee and cookies are finished now and

it is time for bed.

Everyone have a great week. We will see you next time.