Friday, April 9, 2010


Pine Mountain News

We are now well into spring at the ranch.
This years beef cattle are out in the pasture
munching away and already gaining weight.

The aquaponic garden in the greenhouse has
just switched beds. One bed produces while
the other bed is replanted. That way there
is always a crop ready to produce when an
old bed finishes.

In local news

Last year we had too many bears wandering
around raiding garbage cans etc. Now this
year we have reports of bear poaching by the
chairman of the PMC board no less.

On Easter a hiker found a dead body in Hungry
Valley. No one is saying if it is a homicide or
natural causes yet.

Poem of the Week

Desolation and Charm

by emily d stine

And I'll miss you
Wyoming, as I careen
out of tumbleweed
scenes, grass wishing
to be green, lone
strips of asphalt inter-
rupting vacant views.

I'll miss the wind
that whistles through
your ghost towns
like a memory unfound.

And I'll miss you Wyoming,
but mostly I'll miss your
desolation and your charm.

Story of the Week


The state of Wyoming is the 10th largest in land
mass but the population at 544,270 is the least
amount of any state. Almost half of the state,
48 % is owned by the US government through
the bureau of land management and the US forest

Wyoming is a place of big sky and large mountains.
It is where the high plains meet the rocky mountains.
Wyoming is a place of unique natural beauty and a
place to get away from everyone and contemplate
nature. Just do it in the summertime because
Wyoming winters are harsh and bitter cold with lots of
Wyoming is bordered by Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska,
Colorado, Utah, and Idaho.

Wyoming has 10 different mountain ranges and the state
elevation ranges from 13804 ft to 3125 ft. More than 40
mountain peaks in the state are over 13,000 ft.

Wyoming has 3 interstates I-80 and I - 90 which run east
and west and I - 25 that runs north and south.

The continental divide runs north and south through the
center of the state.The rivers on the east side, North Platte,
Wind, Big Horn, and Yellowstone end up in the Mississippi
and the rivers on the west side the Snake and the Green end
up in the Pacific Ocean.

French trappers in the late 1700's and Lewis and Clark in 1807
were the first Europeans to enter the area. One of the members
of the expedition, John Colter described the wonders of
Yellowstone but people thought he was making up tall tales.

Wyoming was the first state to let women vote and in 1924
became the first state to have a woman governor.

Wyoming has 98 towns but all but 9 have populations under
10,000. The largest town in Wyoming is the state capital,
Cheyenne at 57,000. There is one university, the University
of Wyoming and seven community colleges.

Mining , ranching and tourism are the main income producers
for the state and Yellowstone national park is one of the
main attractions.

Pine Mountain Evening

It is evening once more at the Pine Mountain ranch. We have
just finished dinner and are in the family room watching a movie.
We are having cherry pie for desert and my sample coffee of the
week from Tonight we are having
Chocolate Covered Cherry. This American roast coffee with the
taste of cherry and chocolate go just great with fresh cherry pie.

Well the movie is over and my pie and coffee are finished too. It
is time for bed. Good night everyone see you in 2 weeks.