Friday, May 7, 2010

St John US Virgin Islands

Pine Mountain News

May is here and that is the busy time of the
year here at the ranch. It is the time when
we fill the barn with spring hay so the animals
have food for the winter

Poem of the Week

How Small it Feels

I step from cooling tile to concrete slabs
as they are heating up, the sun is hot
so i soak in its rays & watch crabs
scurry into the grass in shade that dots
the green & blue landscape (sweetie the gray
concrete will barely register) it's bright
like saturated neon lights that play
and dance and move with the island night

and sweetie, do you know how small it feels
to stand on the shore and look at the sky
and realize those colors bring you real
or closer to it than you see with your eyes

under those sunglasses, and I will paint
you a picture on your palm, but don't cry
sweetie when it washes away with the rain.

Story of the Week

St John US Virgin Islands

If you want to experience the natural beauty
of the Caribbean and still stay in United
States territory, One of the best places to
go is St John in the US Virgin islands.

St John is one of three islands that make up
the U S Virgin island. the other 2 are St Thomas
and St Croix.

The original inhabitants were Arawak Indians.
Columbus was the first European to see the islands.
The United States purchased the islands in 1917
from Denmark for 25 million.

ST John is a little east of Puerto Rico. In 1956
Laurance Rockefeller donated his holdings or
about 3/4 of the island to the National Park Service
on condition the park would stay in it's natural state.
Today it is known as Virgin Islands National Park.
Walking through the park you get a glimpse of how the
eco system of a sub tropic island functions.

Walking the park is a great way to relax and enjoy the
leisurely pace of the islands. To take a nice video
journey through the park click on the following link
and journey with the travel show
Travelista, The Map.

Once you have relaxed and become used to island time
it is very difficult to pull yourself away and rejoin
the hectic pace real world.

Pine Mountain Evening

It is evening once more a the Pine Mountain ranch.
We have just finished dinner and are gathered by the
warm fire in the fireplace in our family room. Laurel
and Grace are watching a movie and I am reading my
Discover magazine. Tonight my after dinner coffee from is Puerto Rican Yauco. This
Americzn roast coffee has a coffee and rich cocoa taste
that goes well with fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.

Well the movie is over and so is my coffee and cookies.
It is time for bed.Good night everyone see you in 2 weeks.