Friday, February 13, 2009

The French Countryside

Hello again from Pine Mountain. It is winter on the mountain. We have 2 inches (5 cm ) of snow and more on the way. The wind is blowing 21 mph ( 34 kmh ) and it is 28 F ( -2 c ). We had swirling fog earlier but it is lifting now.

My garden in the greenhouse is doing well. It is great to work out in the greenhouse in 70 F while the snow and wind swirls outside. I am glad I have my own gas well so that I do not have to worry about energy costs. Squeekers likes it in the greenhouse unless it is raining hard. The sound of rain hitting the greenhouse glass scares him and he hides in the tree stump I made for him.

My little woodworking shop is dormant this year. I am glad I have other sources of income. Last year this time I had more orders than I could keep up with.

This week our story comes from France. It is our second week in that European country.

Well enough about life on the ranch. If you are new to our newsletter here is how things are laid out.

Section 1-- Pine Mountain Ranch News

Section 2-- Alternative Energy Sites and Products

Section 3-- Health and Nutrition

Section 4-- Travel for Less

Section 5 -- Treasure Hunting and Adventure

Section 6-- Our Travel Story

Section 7-- Pine Mountain Evening

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And now our feature story.

The French Countryside

Last week we were in Strasbourg on the German French border in the Provence of Alsace. This week we leave Alsace behind and enter the Compte region of France. This part of France borders on Switzerland. The capital of the region is Besancon.

We drove south on A35 then turned west at the town of Mulhouse and traveled on until we reached Besancon. This town has a population of 220,000. It is surrounded on 3 sides by the Doubs river which is a tributary of the Rhone river.

Above the city is the Citadelle castle which was built in 1668 and it is illuminated at night. We spent the night in the town of Besancon and then headed south the next morning until we came to the Loire Valley where we stopped to view the Chanonceau Chateau.

We kept meandering our way south through the french countryside and finally reached the coast just west of Marseille. We headed west toward the Spanish

Next week we head into Spain.

Pine Mountain Evening

It is another cold evening here on Pine Mountain. I am sitting in my easy chair by the fire in the fireplace.

Squeekers is on his perch munching peanuts. Tonight I am enjoying Buttered Rum coffee from This American roast coffee combines with buttered rum to give you a taste of the islands. This makes for a relaxing and unique tasting coffee that goes well with homemade sugar cookies. Squeekers and I have been watching and old TV series called Highlander. My coffee and cookies are now history and my show is over. It has been a long day. I put Squeekers in his cage and turn off the gas fireplace. It is time for bed. Good night all have a great week. See you next week.