Friday, January 15, 2010


Pine Mountain News

It is the middle of January. Winter has taken it's
time getting here this year. A series of storms are
on the way so winter will soon make an appearance.

Here at the ranch we are raising fish and vegetables
in the greenhouse. The holidays are over and the
decorations are stored away for another year.

Poem of the Week

It's Always Sunny in Sebastopol

by emily d stine

Well it's not all the time, but sun
shines in my mind, about that day
when light splashed out o the clouds
and sprinkled itself haphazard, all
o'er the ground. We watched it fall as
we sat unwinding a lowly white kite,
set it off to the sky with all of our might.

It flitted softly o'er bo.deg.a bay,
& we raised our wine glasses
and toasted the day. Later, the kite fell
down along with the sky as the light fell
away from the iris of its eye.

But It's Always Sunny in Sebastopol
and it'll stay that way in my mind.

Feature Story of the Week

by Roxana Arzamazova

I stayed at hotel Al Bustan Residence.
The boarding house was near to 2 terminals
of the Dubai airport.Private country houses
are opposite the hotel. Behind the hotel
apartment houses are located.

On the hotel ground floor is a shopping
center, small restaurants of ethnic cuisine,
a grocery store, children playground, cafe,
Internet cafe, beauty salons.

My room was equiped with a kitchen.
The kitchen was equipped completely.
The Pool at the hotel was small simply a

The restaurant was in a hotel hall near
ethnic cuisine restaurants. Every day
for a breakfast there was one menu.
Fried eggs or an omelette, Fruit: apples,
bananas, a water-melon. Four kinds of
juice, Etc.

Two times I visited small restaurants
at the shopping center. Chinese and Indian
cuisine. The food was to hot to be pleasant.
In the center city, the food is tastier and
cheaper. The best food was at a small
restaurant called the Golden Fork. In the
Golden Fork you will have a fantastic dinner
for 20 dinars.

Buses depart from the hotel. Since morning I
have been in Al Mazar (on a beach). In the
period of festival the price for entrance to the
beach has risen from 5 dinars to 10 dinars.

It is possible to hire a car near the reception
in the hotel. -The rent a car tour firms will
organize excursions through the country.

The city for the period of festival is very
beautiful. There is a lot of illumination,
in the discount shops, many any actions
are rewarded with prizes and gifts. For a
week you simply go mad with shops and
sales. Every year the Global village is
erected. It is a huge village with many
traders , tasty meals, attractions.
Trade in souvenirs, local aromatic
oils. Magnificent smells. A puppet
theater from India, huge scenes,
deafening music. Many children,

In Shout Park - children's small town.
It is a lot of show for children in all the
parks of Dubai.

In the area tunnel Shindaha is located the
Village of divers. Each festival the
thematic actions devoted to the Arabian world
are carried out. We floated by the ship.
In the evenings over the cities there are very
beautiful fireworks.

Tourists at our hotel went to a bedouin wedding
in heritage Village. It was very pleasant.

During festival it is favorable to do purchases.
In shops there are discounts of 50 %. There are
advertising actions with gifts. I have bought
perfume for myself and for friends and have
received many gifts. Many buy gold and fur coats.

I liked the Latin American club in hotel Kapitol. It
was a very good group, the people
danced salsa, meringues and so forth.

I advise you to go to the small restaurant Seville
in Pyramids.

In the club you need to dress for the occasion.
Men must wear dress shoes no thongs or sandals.
Everyone must be 21 or older.

Dubai is a nice place to visit.

Pine Mountain Evening

It is evening once more at Pine Mountain
Ranch.We are gathered in the family room
after dinner. There is a warm fire in the
fireplace.Laurel and Grace are watching a
movie and i am reading my Discover

Tonight's after dinner coffee is
Irish Cream From
This American roast coffee will give you the
luck of the Irish. It is also great with a fresh
plate of chocolate chip cookies.

Well the movie is over and my coffee and
cookies are finished. It is time for sleep.
Good night everyone see you next week.