Friday, October 23, 2009

Easter Island

Pine Mountain News

It has been another fall week at Pine Mountain ranch.

Most of the week was spent finishing a small furniture

order then harvesting vegetables in the greenhouse.

Local News

A new Mt Pinos district ranger has been appointed.

His name is Eric L. Van Walden.

Poem of the Week

by emily stine

We ride the highway with the Wyoming wind,

slithering through this desolate land,

pausing only a moment to smile at happy jack road.

Far in the distance, two clouds seem to

kiss the ground. We stare transfixed.

A tornado, quite possible, but too

innocuous it stands.

Slowly we swirled toward the clouds as they formed

two slippers, a ballet in this white Wyoming morn.

Closer we drew, watching toes of white clouds

dusting the landscape floor. Closer and closer,

til at last we saw, two factories, industrial chimneys--

narrow in size, chugging and working

spilling smoke to the sky.

Feature story of the week

Easter island (Chile)

by Oxana Arzamazova

The next day I departed for Easter island which

belongs to Chile. The airport on the island is called

Mataveri). We left Santiago at 9:30 AM, and arrived

at 12:25 PM.

It is now possible to reach Easter Island by plane -

airline LAN CHILE. I bought, the ticket aboard the

plane in Santiago on the evening before our departure.

It was low season. The plane from Santiago flies to

Tahiti with landing at Easter island twice a week.

All of Easter Island can be examined in 2 days if

there is a car available. But in some places it is only

possible to reach on a horse or on foot. Island

exploration on a bicycle takes about a week and a

half, on foot with a tent about 3 weeks. The total

island area is 117 sq. km.

The prices for products are 3-4 times more than

on the continent, in the cheapest café $ 10 USD

for a salad. It is better to take products and water

with you from Santiago if you want economy.

Souvenirs are expensive and not interesting - a

simple pen costs nearly $20.

Weather is cool in winter, during the day 15-17

degrees C and the breeze, sometimes drizzles rain.

After sunset it is cold, and at night often there is



On the island is one small, but well arranged

village, Rapa Nui. There are hotels which are

expensive. At the airport there are local residents

with posters in hand about rooms for rent in their

own homes. A good big room with a personal

bathroom, a toilet and towels, free of charge tea,

coffee, fruit from a garden and a roll in the mornings.

The room in the house I rented was on the main

street about 5 minutes of walking from the airport.

Besides, there was not anything cheaper.

The People were decent, the owner was a village



Since 1935, Easter Island is considered a national

park. On the island we traveled on a country road

along the coast to see all the sights in 2 days. Huge

stone Maoi statues are scattered along all the coast

Near the village there is a volcano Kau, height of

410 meters. In the crater is a bog and small pools.

It is possible to reach it on foot from the village.

Nearby is the ceremonial village Orongo with

semiunderground dwellings. It is here petrographs

on rocks have remained. Egg island is visible from

the village


The second most important place on the island

is the volcano Raraku. In the crater is a small lake

and the island panorama opens before you. Nearby

is another volcano and on its slopes are about 600

Maoi statues. The statues are made from stone.

In one place on the coast there are well-known

caves with color images of

birds. In a suburb of the village there is a small


There are two beaches on the island. One is in

the village, the other is in the bay of Anakena.

The beaches have white sand and bays where

it was possible to enter the sea. In other places

there are cliffs and thunderous waves break on

high rocks.

Earlier when there was no airport, a ship from

Chile once a year would arrive with foodstuffs

stocks, but because of the rocky coast it could

not approach close, products had to be

transported ashore by small boats.

I wanted to remain there longer and simply

have a rest in this pleasant and silent place

my schedule would not allow it.

Pine Mountain Evening

It is evening once more at Pine Mountain ranch.

A warm cheery fire is burning in the fireplace.

we have just finished dinner and are relaxing

in the family room. Tonight my coffee is Organic

Rain forest. This Vienna roast coffee from has a fruit

and nut taste that goes well with fresh baked

sugar cookies.

Well my coffee and cookies are finished now

and it is time for bed. Good night all.See you

next week.