Friday, September 25, 2009

Texas Travels

Pine Mountain News

After a month of round the clock fire fighting, The L A Station Fire is finally just about history. Latest news show the fire at 98 % containment. Most crews still on the scene are mopping up a few hot spots and trying to prepare the burn area for winter rains.

It has been a dry week and single digit humidity and dry winds are not helping things. We are under a red flag warning until Saturday evening. In the last hour a new fire has started over by Elizabeth Lake and Lancaster. There are some 150 firefighters on the scene plus 2 helicopters and 2 airplanes. The fire has burned about 75 acres so far and is spreading through the dry brush and grass. There is about 12 - 15 mph wind from the East that is not helping. Hopefully the firefighters can get this fire under control quickly. We do not need another large fire. Latest word is the fire is 65 % contained.

Local news

The community of Frazier Park is saddened by the passing of Lloyd Wiens. He died last Sunday after being hauled away in an ambulance from the Frazier Park football game last Friday Evening.

Lloyd was a pillar of the community for 30 years. He had a local ski and outfitting shop, and was always improving the community.Lloyd was always helping out at the high school especially the football team.

Memorial services will be Sunday October 4th at 2:30 PM at El Camino Pines Lutheran church in Lake of the woods.

Poem of the Week

Dig In

by emily d stine

I'm stuck like gum in Milwaukee laying over
en route to Boston and I'm mystified by my hate
for this city, mostly centering on aeropuerto.

I'm sullen, looking soggy at the sky
and you've grazed my mind.
Trying to keep you out, I munch on my meal.

But you've popped out of my head
and into my salad.
Sliced cucumbers,
fresh greens,
sharp cheddar,
and you cherry.tomato.

I'd drown you with Ranch...
but Italian would taste better.

Disembowelment by fork looks painful-
but I'll hazard you.

Salad is the quintessential meal, after all.

And now our feature story

Feature Story of the Week

Texas Travels

wind turbines and oil wells

After traveling through Louisiana, the next state on our journey is Texas. Texas is a large state. It is the second largest state in the United States. Only Alaska is larger. Houston is the largest city and Austin is the capital.

San Antonio


The state has a long history. First it was ruled by Spain and then Mexico. It became an independent territory in 1836. It became the 28th state in 1845 then seceded in 1861. Texas rejoined the United states in 1870. The state was stagnant until about 1900 when oil was discovered. almost overnight the state became wealthy and started to prosper. Today the state is a leader in not only cattle and oil but also mining, agriculture, medicine, performing arts, sports, and Aerospace. The state has the most airports as well as railroads, highways, and pipelines of any state.



While most people think of Texas as oil wells and cattle on a parched plain, there are actually 14 different climate zones. Texas has everything from swamps in the east to pine forests to prairie to mountains and finally desert in the west. Part of the states boundaries are formed by rivers. The Sabine river forms the boundary with Louisiana. The red river forms the boundary with Oklahoma and Arkansas. The Rio Grande forms the boundary with Mexico.

Llano bridge


Texas has severe weather at times with tornadoes and hurricanes and even winter storms. Most of the winter snowfall is confined to the northern part of the state although at times even the central part of the state receives snow.

West Texas

Our travels

We entered Texas from Louisiana and the first large town we came to was Beaumont. We traveled through San Felipe, Sealy,Columbus,Schulenburg,Seguin,San Antonio,Llano,Fort Stockton, and El Paso. After traveling the small eastern states Texas seemed like it went on forever.

Texas Longhorn

Pine Mountain Evening

It is evening once more and we are gathered in the family room. The fire is burning in the fireplace and I am reading my magazine and drinking my sample coffee of the week. This week my coffee from is Pecan Supreme. This American roast coffee is a southern favorite and it goes quite well with Pecan pie.

Well my pecan coffee and my pecan pie are finished now and I have finished reading my magazine. It is time for bed. Good night all see you next week.